Making Websites is Lots of Fun; Except When it’s Not

For a really really really long time I’ve been excited knowing my spousums and I would eventually build a website. We’d have epic discussions about all the different elements and topics we would explore on our online platform. Societal Fusion isn’t the first name we came up with, we tossed around so many {we had a hard time thinking of something unique} and talked for many months about ‘what’s in a name?’ which isn’t the mumbo jumbo you might be tempted to believe. The name for most things is important on some level, but a website…it’s like a movie, once you choose a name you’re stuck with it. This name doesn’t necessarily summarize the content: the movie Lobster comes to mind and I’ll wager they thought that was real catchy as a movie title. Certainly, they got me interested; but I’d have much rather read the book. Is there a book? I have no idea.

Societal Fusion makes me think of cultures clashing, without the violence—it’s like we’re coming together by choice and because of that, something new is created. Science isn’t my forte, though it’s always interested me; somehow I’ve never been able to study it that much. I understand fusion, to a limited extent, and even though I’ve completely forgotten where Societal Fusion came from, I’m grateful it found us.

My name is Teta and I write. A lot. About all kinds of different things ranging from screenplays to magic spells; I’d love to try my hand at ghostwriting because I’m not afraid of shadows and I’ve been known to write with different styles. Currently I’m populating this fabulous website, though I look forward to including contributions from others; we’ll have to find them first and I have plenty to say in the meanwhile.