Bonus RealityMagical Journey

Magical Studies and the Disappointments of Manifestation

As we shed negativity, toxins, anxieties and doubts we are freer to embrace confidence or faith or self-love and whatnot. Relentless optimism; I realize that we’ve been struggling for a long time, I know there we have countless memories of feeling as if all we do is wait for awesome to fall on our heads. We haven’t applied as much effort as we’re capable of and the biggest reason for that stems from my personal struggles to focus long enough

We all have things that frustrate us, everyone’s got something to complain about—I did a lot of complaining or expressing frustration about how I got here. Sometimes I look around me and only see the clutter or unfinished projects or grimy surfaces and it all says the same thing;

Our spiritual growth—his and mine solo as well as together—has come in waves that have never been full of nutrients and encouragement. Did we choose this experience for only the two of us or have we failed ourselves somewhere along the way that we have no one to help us with a project or several?

These are the questions I see when looking at this old carpet, half tore up—when I look at the bathroom floor, or lack thereof—as if reality is judging our best as not good enough. Though it’s hard to be overly critical of reality’s assessment when we ourselves acknowledge we haven’t been doing our best. What is the answer we seek? What is the resolution for these problems?

Waves of insight come up and I don’t want to type what information they provide—we don’t have a birdbath because I don’t want to take care of it, we haven’t gotten a new toilet because we don’t want to switch them out ourselves. At some point its possible we became ashamed or overwhelmed, the things we struggle with now are many of the same things we struggled with a few years back. A person sometimes finds it easier to keep eyes lowered, shoulders hunched, mind focused on the task in front of us—sometimes it’s easier to feel defeated and imagine there’s something on the other side of that.

Because of religious connotations, addiction history and the rules of battle—we often associate indulgence or relenting or giving in negatively, as if these are the weaker options. We ought to remain strong and fight against our urges or cravings, we ought to never give up our ground, never relent to an opponent.

Yet when we learn about friendship or cooperation, compromise is based on tactical ‘giving in’ because that’s how relationships are strongest. Our personal quest is to embrace the power of our ancient Celestial selves—a certain about of ‘giving in’ or ‘relenting’ is inevitable which is why some people reach this threshold but don’t always succeed.

There’s a concept of ‘facing one’s demons’ at play here as we dismiss the judgments of others and remain steady on our course—to focus on personal objectives. As noble as they may be, such as building a wildlife sanctuary, they are still selfish goals which is a thing to be frowned upon in ways we don’t understand because of long-standing religious impact on the human psyche.

This is why it’s essential to embrace a more-than-human perspective as gods or Celestial beings or alien hybrids, that we may be immune to these perspectives. Selfish is healthy in the correct doses and when a person isn’t selfish enough, we can become imbalanced and cruel for our starving and chronically unsatisfied state of being. Is it selfish to absorb the life of others to sustain our own life? One might say yes, imagining when a person mercilessly feeds on the joy or vibrations of other people—but what of the natural urge we have to feed, as in digest essential nutrients? Are we selfish and cruel to absorb minerals and food that we may thrive?

Morality and ethics in the human world are tricky topics because of this, what is good for one is evil to another—or is it simply a circle of life? Do we consider birds and predators to be evil as they devour the lives of fish and other creatures?

The human dilemma is that we have a tendency to over-indulge, to take more than we need and share less than our ‘fair share’ or we give more than we have and deplete our personal resources to feed or satisfy others. The balance between these polar opposites is achieved when we become aware of ourselves on spiritual levels, divine self-awareness—that we may allow ourselves to give and take as we choose and believe that this is acceptable.

For generations, humans have been over-indulgent and many of us have deficiencies because of this—we fear embracing our deepest potential, we criticize our selfish intentions or we berate others in constant judgment when they do not. Humanity has some nasty programs running in the background for a long time now and many people either don’t notice them consciously or misunderstand their purpose.

In the world of gaming, the purpose of enemies {NPC type} is specific and inarguable: gain experience for winning battles, obtain rewards, fulfill quests. Basically, the purpose of some life is to be devoured by others—like the fish who swarm to become a buffet to other creatures. I’ll never argue against the concept that all life is sacred and that all lives matter, but I will interject the simple fact that some of that ‘sacred’ life is only here to be consumed by other lives.

Humans tipped the balance a long time ago and as equilibrium is reset {?} we feel the tremors of a global virus that has daily climbing numbers—a virus that has been wreaking havoc on the entire human body. If by some miracle of willpower or medicine a body survives, it is permanently damaged; the immune system is compromised and the thoughtful among us predict a devastating winter of our season illnesses sending people to graves or hospitals instead of warm beds with soup and a few days off work.