Bonus RealityMagical Journey

Spell for Blessings from Mother Earth (Gaea)

Energy gathered from universal love, power manifested from above

Power channeled through my heart, wishes granted to take part

In death as in life, we skilled to fight to end the strife

Rejoining, connecting to Mother Earth, as we all did at birth

When life was new and we were bold, before we could only do what we were told

Awaken power unseen since child’s days, so we may clear our minds of the haze

Symbolized by the dust we watch gather, obsessing over that which shouldn’t matter

Nothing exists that we do not bring into being, what has our focus is what we are seeing

Rid our home of that which is useless and dead, clear the thoughts and grime from our head

Mother to child, work to play; grant us always a bright new day

Full of sunshine, full of fun—tis only now full life’s begun

Gaea bless and Greenman guide, may love and dragons be always by our side