Dream Travelling

According to popular belief, and science, everyone dreams. According to some weird study I read about a long time ago, when people aren’t allowed to dream they don’t feel as rested. Though I don’t put much faith in the results of that study since their big experiment involved a lot of ‘Our brain scans tell us this guy is about to start dreaming, let’s wake him up!’ which muddies the results a bit. Does anyone wake up at 8am or whatever, feeling rested, when they woke up 5-10 times during the night? Humans. Reminds me of the experiment a doctor in the 40s or so ran on infants to explore the hypothesis that fear could be trained…and yes, turns out you can become terrified of anything. Subject 1 was interviewed or something when he was in his 30s; I researched the babies but they were challenging to find. Maybe there was just the one? Regardless, he was conditioned to be afraid of soft fluffy things as an infant—as an adult, he was mildly dysfunctional and had strong dislike for fluffy things. I remember one of the videos, or maybe just a still image; “here’s a sweet fluffy, soft toy for you to play with…yes play with the toy so I can sneak behind you with these huge cymbals” bam! Yep, that’ll scare anyone. What a fascinating human curiosity. Like the doctors who gave children stutters to prove…

I was a dreamer for most of my life, but then US politics used that word to label a group of people I’ve never been part of {mostly because I was disconnected from current events during the ‘time of dreamers’ and kind of don’t really know who they are}. These days I go by Dream Traveller, which works just fine—I’ve travelled much during the duration of my time in this body, visiting other planets or other realms.