I had this great plan to start seeds during the winter because then we can plant them after the frost, and they'll have a super head start on growth, right? I've got a few different plants going: pennyroyal, white sage, lilac, lavender, milkweed, and catnip. So far not much has come up, and the three that actually have look like they're likely the same plant. Part of me is laughing because other than the milkweed, they've been badly labeled, which means I have no idea what these 3 plants are. I'd really like to get some lemongrass going so we have actual plants come spring, since we plan to get our bee hives going this year and want to spruce up the spot like a little bee paradise. Apparently they like the scent of lemon.

We're also wanting to start some of the milkweed inside because the renovation work for the milkweed garden has been slow. According to what I've read, they'll be annuals out here, which means we'll have to take care they reseed well since the plants will likely die during the winter. I wonder if we can cover them and keep them warm, maybe they won't die?

In any event, I'm grateful there's life--because if there is some, there can be more!

Toodles for now