Chronic Deja Vu

An uncommon phrase, still mostly unheard of: the sensation that over and over again, you feel as if this has happened before. These moments, these actions and events—you feel it’s familiarity. In some unfortunate cases {I have a lot of experience with this phenomena} a repetitive behaviour can trigger the sensations, since you’re doing the same thing multiple times, of course it feels familiar.

The more fascinating possibilities are all linked to society and bonus reality as a whole as many things happen in cycles. Trends and such are constantly coming and going. Humanity grows and matures and explores and then hits a breaking point: either change, or die.

Many kinds of people predict reality, from moviemakers to trend analysts. We have been thinking of our future for a very long time; yet so much of it seems very negative and that is why chronic déjà vu can be so terrifying. When the Simpsons aired the episode in which Trump is seen riding an escalator—which he totally does, years later, announcing his run for the big seat. Are we creating reality? Inspiring ideas? Or are we sometimes foretelling events to come?

From the perspective of allowing that humanity has been at this threshold before, chronic déjà vu comes up for people with long memories; or people tapped into the source of cosmic information. The rumours of a cosmic book is cute, I’ve meandered through countless libraries in dream travels—hundreds of books, notes and people who carry vast amounts of information from lifetimes of existence most humans lack the imagination to conceive.

The global cultures of humanity are at a precipice rarely remembered {mostly because our collective history is full of nonsense and manipulating lies such as Thanksgiving and Columbus} and the way we suffer is a nightmare prophets envisioned from long ago. Where are the saviours we imagined as children while listening to the horror stories of our elders? What heroes will come to rescue us from our ignorantly destructive ways? Countless movies and stories have offered up many a concept or format, but aren’t they stuck in those realms, unable to impact us out here?

Ancient knowledge is celebrated in some cultures; though not, it seems, in the loudest ones. White culture and religion has been bogarting the microphone speaking to the people of this world. Ideals of ‘our way is the only way’ and ‘we’re superior, serve us’ echo through the computers of the world, through the media reports into the minds of those who cannot resist.

Who among us can resist? We were not taught psychic protection, were not taught how to keep our spirits safe from those who believe their way is the only way. In many cases we’re actually taught to submit to these ideals and the people who hold them like enchanted weapons for conquest.

When everything is familiar and the only reason why, is that these things that are happening have happened before; what counsel can we offer ourselves and each other? Why do some of us remember yet most of us do not? How has the species of human survived so long, with such weakness of spirit? The phrase ‘this too shall pass’ has danced throughout my energy body most of the 3+ decades of life on this planet. Truth be told, the only counsel I find soothing is ‘the thinking that got us into a problem is not the thinking that will solve the problem’ which is a brutal paraphrase from Einstein. My gods are with me always, balance is inevitable, and we shall heal from these wounds though we will not all survive.