The Power of I Am

The power of I Am is abused by damaged narcissist; ‘I am not a loser’ implies dangerous times ahead, which have already begun. In an era of white supremacy aching to return to power and ‘good guy with a gun’ mentality, we’re in for a rough few or several months. Perhaps people who have power will quell this nonsense before there are more deaths.

I’d enjoy watching the lot of these domestic terrorists/traitors hauled off to prison after their tongues are cut out and eyes removed. If people want to be angry, antagonistic, idiots and we want to give them special treatment for being white, everyone else ought to be allowed a little fun at their expense. I’ve watched too much television during this age of graphic violence. Remember that scene in The Other Boleyn Sister where this guy gets tortured by way of his eyes being popped one at a time by a rope knot? He’s okay now, no long term damage. Is it so bad that I wish some people were eyeless and mute? I can guarantee anyone that what I’m picturing isn’t nearly as bad as what someone else imagining what I’m picturing is. To be graphically specific: a solid cartoon smack on the back of their heads ought to make their eyes pop out and tongues have a release switch somewhere. Think old Warner Bros. Cartoons.

I’m getting off topic. This rant is about my severe level of annoyance that this daffy orange psycho has been challenging one of my foundation beliefs. I can create miracles in my life, I am worthy of success and celebration, my deepest desires are flowing toward me now, and other such affirmations are really good for me, I can feel my focus and confidence levels increasing since I began listening to Dauchsy’s guided meditations. {More on that guy upcoming}

Yet here I wonder, what’s the difference between us—or any antisocial aspiring serial killer, for that matter? My internal dialog is typically steadily repeating “I truly believe what I am saying, even in my deepest sense of self—you know that when Donny Baby repeats ‘I’m not a loser’ he’s terrified that he totally is” also “aspiring serial killers are not looking for their healing path, their affirmations are much different.” I feel relaxed overall {about this, anyhow…} but sometimes I still feel annoyed that some of my feelings aren’t getting out.

I feel really angry, perhaps, that people so consistently twist the power of manifestation magic; and for the critics, those people stupidly sensitive about the word ‘magic,’ I’d like to extend a casual fuck you. When I don’t understand how things work, it’s magic—that’s how children and primitive beings are all like until some hateful asshat decided ‘magic’ was bad.

Manifestation magic is based on the science that if you focus on something, you’re likely to have more of that something—and when you’re grateful or appreciative; your life is more satisfying.

Here’s the science: whatever you focus on, you feed attention and energy to which makes it grow or multiply. The more you focus on how powerless you are, the more powerless you become—same applies in the opposite direction, which is why love magic unites against corrupt politicians.

Being grateful or appreciative makes your life more satisfying because feeling appreciative or grateful is more pleasant {also has higher vibration} than feeling ungrateful and abusive. Science.