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The ultimate act of self-preservation for a trapped body, raise of hands—anyone out there have no idea what it is? Perhaps it’s got a different name, perhaps you’re undiagnosed, perhaps no one around you cares to think about it—I’ll wager it’s everywhere these days as the most effective tool to battle such high level insanity.

A few of the best self-preservation techniques are a double-edged sword and this one is no different; when a body is present without the mind attached, memories are distorted. A grand experience of mine is ‘the return trip’ which is the sensation of reconnecting, a process that can be full of stress that is occasionally overwhelming enough to cause a second disconnection.

The massive problem of dissociation, as it relates to humanity as a whole, is that so often people are unable to fully settle back into themselves. We find ourselves attempting to ‘return’ but struggling because so much has just gotten worse. We might fight in ways that seem confusing to others, using ‘a bit’ of dissociation to distance ourselves from the overwhelming emotions that are threatening to drown us in chaos. Often this ‘bit’ becomes much more as the return trip isn’t the only thing going on in reality right now; what have I missed out on? Is a terrifying question when we begin to wonder if we’ve been feeding well enough, when we wonder where the money we’re using is coming from, when we wonder if we have any bridges to mend or misdeeds to account for.

Also, humanity is on the brink of extinction and super powers haven’t manifested yet, so we’re kinda fucked unless we can stop acting like greedy stupid asshats.

The art of dissociation is often misunderstood, words get used carelessly and there are many people who are ‘removed’ ‘disconnected’ or ‘detached’ which are often describing the same problem. Many people in this era feel these things because so much of life is wildly overwhelming. Food is scarce and poisoned, which has been a problem for generations; I got hold of the book Jungle by Upton Sinclair and this classic novel talks about the slaughter industry in Usland before the regulations. Meat was rotten and disgusting and still fed to people, workers were abused and working conditions were disgusting. Look in the dark corners of big business and discover that not much has changed…

Dissociation en masse started when citizens began to detach from political arenas and current events because so much information was biased or untrue. Propaganda was designed to trigger fear in women and anger in men, old studies discuss, because angry women get things done and fearful men are unpredictable.

That’s my theory, anyhow, as I’ve known angry women and fearful men—propaganda is designed to manipulate for the sake of mass control. Many of our women politicians are powerfully angry and that is what drives them with such focus and intent. Fearful men such as those who write about the White Man’s Manifesto, are desperate for the imbalance of power to be in their favour again which it never will be.

Part of the ‘woke’ trend is based on shedding the impact of generations of propaganda as we regain control of our actual feelings, our true emotional responses. For decades, science has been battling religious mentality and whatever is up with military thinking; fighting for every bit of ground to honestly discuss life. Technological advances are often stifled or misused; the best example is the origin story of Agent Orange which, believe it or not, was supposed to be a very beneficial tool not a disgusting weapon.

Some of our most raw feelings are chemically imbalanced and seeking outlets more satisfying than medicine that numbs or activities that distract. We as a species are devastated and desperate for changes that bring satisfaction. The Green New Deal is such a fascinating idea, perhaps enough people can get behind it that it will really go somewhere. We need to change the way we interact with the life around us and that’s something of an epic challenge for humanity which has long been so fascinated with being the powerful element that does whatever it wants without consequences.

Consequences are upon us in grand form, however, and the screaming republicans and radical conservatives seem to be trying their very hardest not to accept reality for what it is. Some asshat read The Secret and thinks that magic works without balance, is my wager. Humanity has long been a disease on this planet and anyone who thinks otherwise is either lying or insane. We have poisoned the air, the water and the minds of our children for generations.

Many of us are actively seeking to return from dissociated states or waves; often the return trip is distressing because while we were gone, shit just got worse. Climate change has become a devastating problem that most people are still trying to deny, or pretend that it’s not our fault. Our young people are again being forced to challenge adults, since it’s obvious we’ll not be able to win this battle without the voices of children we can rally behind.

I’ve been in and out over the past few years and now a 16 year old neuro-divergent girl {as prophecy predicted} from Sweden is being hailed as a messiah, most of the world’s elders have gone insane, and white supremacy is trying to make a comeback. Though to be honest, #TeamGreta all the way, even though she makes me question what I’ve been doing with the 2 additional decades I’ve had on this planet…

What will we do with our power to imagine? How will we channel our intent? These are the questions too many people are afraid to answer because we’ve followed in the footsteps of our violent forefathers and our silent foremothers. We have ignored the wisdom of scientists who seek truth, ignored the evidence they’ve shared—we are at a dangerous precipice because we’ve so willfully wrapped ourselves in ignorance and delusions of grandeur. Our species has lost it’s way, following the leadership of violent, greedy, insane gods who taught us our destructive inclinations will be magically balanced if only we stick to the path of The One.

But there isn’t only the One God, our destruction isn’t getting balanced, and we have a major crisis on our ass. I’ll do better to share the wisdom I’ve gathered and perhaps we’ll survive; in the meantime…