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Prayer Dolls

I’ve been polytheistic my entire life and I’ve recently realized that even though I’ve long believed in many gods—there were no specific entities to whom I prayed to for protection or abundance or blessings. After an interesting discussion with my spousums, we chose Goddess Fortuna and so I began to craft a doll with which we can celebrate her in our lives. Crafting dolls is a very old art, it is also wide-spread; many people will immediately think of the dark ‘Voo Doo’ pin cushion magic, or other such ‘I hurt this doll and so I hurt the person it represents’ spell-work. I favour dolls of a different kind because healers are still a rare breed. I make dolls for my friends, to bless and protect their lives—I’ve also got two weather dolls who do what they can to bless us with warmth and sunshine. I have not made dolls for enemies.

When I craft dolls, it’s important to use materials that connect me and the person for whom this doll is created. Cut apart a gifted dress {doesn’t fit} for the body of a doll for a precious friend {gifted the dress} and carefully choose a head. Many of the heads I choose are various stones or crystals used for healing and spell-work. On rare occasions I’ll use other items, such as: ping pong ball, old yarn, clothes with faded sentimental value for others becomes a doll that represents my personal power to impact the world around me. In small ways that will eventually become big ways, I impact the world around me with love and healing power.

Doll magic is popular in stories with a certain flavour; remember the Penny Dreadful character with the huge creepy doll collection, lifelike dolls she used to control others. Bits of hair or blood of the person the doll is connected to and the organs of an infant bring these dolls ‘to life’ with devastating power. The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina uses dolls a few times, mostly to break necks. To each his or her own and I’ll continue my magic with to heal or protect rather than punish or control, reality’s got plenty of that already.

This doll crafted as an offering to Goddess Fortuna was crafted from specific materials; a stone with mysterious qualities {bought the stone because of it’s qualities but forgot what they are} in a hand-embroidered square of fabric, given to me by my Priestess mother become head and arms. An old shirt of mine, gifted by my spousums, worn countless times but outgrown because of weight gain; all these things come together with several lengths of yarn and some well-placed bits of hot glue.

Bless me with awesome fortune, My Lady Fortuna, that my world may be full of abundance and wealth.