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Dream 22 May 2008

I don’t remember much of this dream, big surprise, but I will record what I do remember for future reference.

There are three of us, I don’t know who anyone is and I don’t know what we’re doing. It’s horribly vague, the memory of the very beginning. We are in a big city with lots of roads, cars, people, and buildings—very easy to get lost in. One person decides to go somewhere and parts company with us, the other person (a guy; the first person is sexless) decides to do the same. I say something like I have no idea where I am and sort of follow him, hoping he will bring me somewhere safe. Something is said, or thought, about heading toward a Hotel 6.

Abruptly I am in what passes for a hotel in one of my goofy-ass dreams. There’s something about me masquerading as a child, for whatever reason. Evidently I’m hiding from someone who is apparently in the same hotel. I figure I’m alright because there are plenty of rooms, I’ll never run into him. I see him once, in the lobby, and hide beneath my hair in a corner—he passes and I am unseen. When I decide to check in, he appears again—wearing a goofy pair of pajamas. He’s looking for me, I gather, and I hide in a corner and cover my face with my hair. Evidently this prevents him from seeing me, because he stoops down right next to me to talk to a young girl—suspecting her to be me. She has short curly blonde hair, I have long dark hair—the man is obviously stupid. When he leaves (I don’t know what happens to the girl) I get up and have to threaten the woman behind the counter, who wants to shout my name around for some very specific, very weird, reason. I don’t remember the reason.

I feel slightly bad about the fate of the girl mistaken for me and decide to throw caution to the wind. I throw my hair back, stand straight, and tell the woman I’m checking in. After this is done, I go up to my ‘room’ which appears to be a wide rectangular room with large beds on either side—it has a three foot wide ‘hall’ down the middle and two bathrooms at the end. The man lays on a bed next to the bed right by the bathroom on the left side. I go into the bathroom to pee and lock the door, unfortunately I only locked one door (there are two) and the guy just opens it. *note: the weird lock system on the door is this: lock the first door against everyone but your ‘husband’ (not sure what that means) lock the second door against everyone. He stands there and I wonder (as the dreamer) why the hell I was hiding from him. He may or may not have touched me in a gentle, sexual way before saying he needed his toothbrush. I get him his toothbrush, which does not look like any toothbrush I’ve ever seen: the thing is short and the bristle part is very round with soft bristles. It looks like a very small infant hair brush. It’s highly coloured, and looks more suited to a child than a man: colours like green, blue, and red decorate it. I hand him the ‘toothbrush’ and he leaves. I lock the second door, it’s got a deadbolt looking lock, and proceed to do what I’d come in to do.

At some point before I leave, I am examining my goofy outfit (I can’t even describe it, I don’t have a good image) and succeed in making it more goofy before taking the top off and exiting the bathroom bare breasted. I have to admit, in the dream I seek to appeal to the man. I lay in the bed next to his before getting on my hands and knees at the end of the bed to put some things on the floor. Apparently he was speaking while I was in the bathroom; I mentioned that his voice was just like {my stepfather} as if he knows who that is. I have no idea if he knows who that is. When I face him, lying on my side on my bed, he says something about reading aloud. I tell him I’ve got a book; The Messiah’s Handbook by Richard Bach. Fin

The next bit was funny:

I had evidently finished with him and the hotel and was with my mother in a minivan outside the hotel. We rode along a thin road, with water on both sides, and we held our breath for fear of the resident sharks coming at us. The road was only as wide as the van, and probably about fifty feet long.

The sharks were huge, we could see the tips of their fins slightly above the water. They were everywhere, too, not just by the road, but in the ocean (I think it was the ocean, we never went to it) right by the shore. You couldn’t go in the water, and feared for dogs that didn’t get the message. I think we reached our destination; we were walking near a house, there were mutated sharks in the water. The sharks were spliced with some other animal, I don’t remember which.

The ‘water’ they swam in was not water, but the grassy ground. (I’ve been reading Illusions by Richard Bach) You had to make sure you didn’t fall in the ‘water’ for fear that they would get you. The little ones weren’t dangerous, but the larger ones were. I fell in once, because I’m that clumsy in dreams, but was able to get out alright. {Aunt}  was with us, as was (possibly) someone else—we were just walking down a road, taking in nature and enjoying the fresh air. There was talk (or thought) about my coupling with Lois (mom’s friend from a while back; they were a trio—Lois, Dan, and Liam—she used to work at the greenhouse in Winsor Locks) in a purely lesbian sense. There wasn’t more talk (or thought) about it than that. Although I have to admit, if I were to ever split up their marriage, I’d go after Dan—I always liked him. *Also, as we were walking, we came to a turn—we could veer off to the right or left. ‘Aunt’ or whomever, made a hand gesture to go left, we ignored her and proceeded to the right. Fin

I had another, potentially unrelated, dream that may or may not have been during the nap I had after letting the dogs out.

Now that I think about it, the only thing I remember is being with a few guys (don’t know who they were) stealing bowling balls for some secret/ancient Indiana Jones thing. The bowling ball store (oh yes, a store) was inside a large ‘mall’ (not really a mall, just a large building—I don’t do many outside dreams). There were hundreds of ‘bowling balls’ (I have no idea what they actually were, they were the size of softballs and shaped like rounded bowls) all with different designs and colours. We decided to make a big show of it, because we intended to steal a LOT of these ‘balls’. Why, I don’t know—we only used four, later.

I talked to the woman who possibly ran the place; we discussed the beauty and uniqueness of each. I picked up one to look at it; it had bits of red and blue, two women (a teacher and student, I feel, of what—I’ve no idea), and other things I can’t remember. I argue with one of my ‘friends’ about one of the balls, wanting one with a specific character on it (I don’t remember which). He didn’t really care because they would all serve the same purpose. We draw the attention of the woman, I tell her I’m a ‘bowling ball enthusiast’ and this sates her curiosity. Eventually we discover my companions are missing, and with them a bunch of balls. I consider making my escape with the four I carry, but don’t move quick enough. It’s a family business, I gather, because the woman and her three adult sons look to me. I go on about how my friends left me, trying to play the innocent, but not only do they not buy it—they break out into a dance just outside the store. Two of them wear skirts, I unzip my coat. (I’m wearing a coat. Indoors. Zipped up. That never happens) While they are acting like idiots, I make my escape, they chase me for a few feet but give up when I jump off a railing of some kind twenty feet from the store: it’s a good 10+ foot fall. What comes ‘next’ took place ‘before’: which means dreams may occur in our minds in reverse!

‘Next’ we have the four balls, which are now just rounded clay bowls—we fit them into specific key-like places in the four corners of this (very) big stone square on the floor. Once all the ‘balls’ are in place, an area opens up and we see a few steps. There are four of us at this point, two guys and two girls. The guys stand outside the square, the girls prepare to go down the stairs. The first stone step moves and prompts the other girl to tell the guys to turn the ‘balls’ in their key places—this is supposed to finish the staircase, which at the moment contains only a handful of steps.

I don’t get to see what’s inside, I don’t get to go past the first few steps; I wake up and it’s gone. Sigh.