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Word of the Day: Working Memory 4 of 7

Working memory: is a fascinating skill that I’ve been improving the more I learn about it, which is also to say my spousums has been using his hypnosis magic to help me out. Defined as ‘new information held briefly as it’s needed for the short term’; when our working memory is weak, new bits of info are constantly canceling each other out. Here’s an event I’m rather proud of: I had to pee so I go into the bathroom, my hubster’s shower towel was on the toilet so I stared at it because I’m not the type to put a towel on the floor, so I pick it up and toss it downstairs. On my way back through the living room, I felt myself on the edge of having no idea what I’d halted our conversation for “have to pee” I said aloud, which always helps.

Here’s an awesome story and then perhaps this will be ready to post: this {Saturday} morning I shuffle into our community space at roughly 7:45, my spousums has been up since 6:30 apparently. It usually takes my brain 5-15 minutes to wake up, with some help, and Zeffy’s really funny about ‘helping.’ So I’m focused on breakfast and he’s also rooting around in the kitchen for second breakfast; he’s alert, been working on the website and doing research. He also took his daily dose of nootropics powders {you can read about that here} so his brain is feeling fabulous and now that I’m up, he’s got someone to talk to. He’s been like that for years and I’m truly grateful how quickly he learns, as well as how gentle I am after rising from sleep {solid training growing up, story for another time or never}.

I confess to not remembering what his topic was, but he was asking serious questions and looking for real answers, which I was able to provide. My inner dialog {all but quiet whispers at this point} fills me with confidence that I can vocalize any data I’ve collected or theories I’ve developed, that my brain is fully functional even when I feel groggy and sleepy. A favourite moment is when I have no idea what his question was, “you asked a question and then kept talking” which sparks him to repeat his question and pause. Oddly enough, my answer to his question was “some people have broken working memory which means they can’t process new information.”

Perhaps I’ll elaborate on that, but not now—for now I appreciate my own working memory and love myself for improving this skill steadily. I am grateful to have such a challenging partner, Zeffy’s a cute character {image to come}

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