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Dream from July 2008

Dream: 31 July 2008

Author's note: I've been typing up less than half of my dreams for over a decade, half of the other half gets handwritten...and the final quarter is stuff i don't bother with or forget. Dreams come from many places, and sometimes the conscious mind is simply processing information which the dreamer will 'figure out' when ready.

Onto the story: there are three of us in my team; I’m not entirely sure what it is we do. We drive to a house to pick up a recently discovered body we have to investigate; there is another team, that does what we do, that opposes us in some moral sense.

Driving back from the house (the body was collected from the basement) a guy from the other team drives, I ride in the passenger seat, and an age 18/19 male sits in the back. The driver goes on about assaulting us with a shotgun or something, I tell the kid in the back to lie down—his head in the rear window is a perfect target. (*note: the fact that the guy is with us and can obviously do nothing, never factors in).

We never arrive anywhere, but soon we are at the house where we picked up the body. We decide to bring the body upstairs to work on it; one of the other team members says that the upstairs is sort of the ‘tomb’ for other members of the family—meaning there are dead bodies upstairs. We never see the bodies, but I do see the ghosts—one old woman sits in a wooden rocking chair, there’s a man in the other room we never see, and the woman shows herself later.

Upstairs of the house looks somewhat identical to the part of a house I visited in a previous dream; the staircase is opposite the wall with only window and it’s to my right as is stand with my back to the window. There’s a railing by the stairs that looks the same. To my left is a small room about the size of a small bathroom, it is empty and has no windows. In front of me is (the woman in the rocking chair) a small open area next to the hall that leads to the other rooms. (*note: the hall and the rest of the level were not in the other dream) We stand in the middle of the room on a two foot platform. The woman in the rocking chair stops rocking abruptly and bolts to the other room (she doesn’t want us here and has run off to get away from us). No one pays attention to the oddities of the situation but me—leading me to believe that I am the only one who can see them.

We return to do whatever we’re here to do (*note: we don’t have any tools, items, or even the body with us) and I have no idea what that is. *I’m sitting on the floor with my back to the one side of the platform* I get an eerie feeling and turn my head to see the woman crouching behind the edge of the platform near the rocking chair, less than six feet from me. I try to ignore the creepy feeling (I’m beginning to wake up at this point) and go back to whatever I’m doing. I get the feeling again and turn only slightly, the woman is crouching right behind me—I can see her pooled-blood coloured sweater right behind me, her arm next to mine, her long chestnut hair nearly touching me. This is enough to creep me out and after a short effort of getting rid of the creepy, I got out of bed.