Recent Thoughts part four

Black history month again, and since there are literally no black people living in my neighborhood, during my dream travels I visited some new friends. {We mostly keep to ourselves and focus on our aspirations, praying that we and our wildlife sanctuary will eventually tip the balance of local priority back to the old ways of caring for land instead of just simply setting up shop on top of it so long as it serves well enough}

In the dream I'm at this woman’s house with a bunch of people, we were sitting in a desk-circle like those asshat teachers would create in a classroom. {I’m too harsh, it’s usually a great layout to open up visibility and help people connect—I’m severely biased} I was socially comfortable enough to enjoy the odd scene; we were discussing the creation of a show I designed a while back. Something about this special tattoo parlor that didn’t take walk-ins, run by this fierce woman character and I don’t remember anything else because honestly I’ve never designed a show based on a tattoo parlor.

In the desk-circle {because yes, we all sat on chair w/table most people remember from high school} were, maybe 10 people. I’m fairly sure Snoop Dogg was there and maybe the guy from Barber Shop—Iced Tea? I’ll have to fact check because I though Iced Tea guy was the dude in that cop show. I don’t feel racist, but I do feel slightly ignorant because both of these guys have worked creatively for a very long time but most of it's existed in the peripheral of my general interests. I really enjoyed the Barber Shop movies, but didn't care to see the movies in the car...Are We There Yet? was the name, I think. A quick google search says yes, Ice Cube was in my weird dream and Ice-T was in Law & Order.

Regardless, my favourite part of the dream was when we were taking a short break after doing some character play to explore dialog. These 2 children had arrived; a girl about 12-14 and a boy like 5-7 or so. I was talking to the girl because she’d popped in with some improv dialog that was awesome and we got to talking about her hair, which had about 5 different colours in layers. One of the colours was this phosphorous yellow {the other colours where: bright pink, lime green? Memory fading…is like she dipped her head in the 80’s?}

Anyhow, the little boy had oddly long dreads {they went about to his waist} and he only had like 5 of them…he was jumping in the kitchen and I saw his hair {which was all coloured with this crazy bright yellow} framed by the overhead light. It was beautiful and amazing.

I talked to the ladies about my admiration {the gender separation happened during rest period, lolz, and women were in chairs sitting together while the guys stayed behind where we were before} and one woman offered that she could colour my hair. I laughed to break the ice, saying what everyone already knew—that colour would look ridiculous on me because my skin was too light.

We all laughed together and I talked to them about how I wanted to create a joke that could trend, but I was anxious about sounding racist. They all had this look about them, suddenly, they weren’t going to help me with that and soon it was time for me to go. I woke up shortly after having a silly ‘coming to terms with ADHD’ moment and now I have the feeling of—why were they unwilling to help me? Do I visit people in other dimensions who are like ‘sorry sweetie, but you’ll have to pick up the phone for that input’?