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Sex after Sixty? Oh My!

Sometimes I wonder if I’m the only one I talk to over sixty who still not only has, but very much enjoys sexuality on a regular basis. I mean most guys I see who are my age, 66, are looking a little haggard at this point, and it also seems lots of them are not only overweight, or have beer bellies, but are basically just not healthy overall. I’ve also talked to guys in chats, on forums, and in other mediums and it seems most guys over about fifty these days, seem to either have lost interest in sex, or rarely get it unless they happen to be involved with someone still very sexual. That’s actually disturbing to me.

At fifty I was very sexual, and sometimes multiple sessions of sex or oral sex occurred daily, and that went on most of the week for years. Even now in my sixties something sexual is taking place at least four to five times a week. No, I’m not joking... so I get a little taken aback when I talk to people late fifties who have already decided their sex life is over, or willingly stop being intimate because they’re ‘bored of the same thing’ after 5 years. You have a brain, imagination, and mouth with which to talk… so use them to communicate, and fix the issue as it arises. You know, that thing no one wants to do anymore… talk? Too much time staring at a phone, and not enough time actually meeting and interacting with real live people. Yes, I realize the pandemic has created a social void the last year, but come on, all the pandemic did was bring it into the light… the issue was already there. All too many people refuse to accept that their lifestyle, and daily activity affect their sexual energy. Texting doesn’t energize people unless you’re specifically sexting someone. There are no exchanges between eyes, and oh how I absolutely love looking into someone's eyes when they're talking. It's as though they almost become two people... one speaking, and the other communicating on a level so celestial... so powerful... that only certain people actually understand it. Ok so I'm off topic...

There's no emotion to convey, no energy to exchange that builds chemistry. We are energy creatures. We need the chemistry of being together physically... even if it’s on a platonic level.

Many over fifty or fifty five are cranky, tired, and generally someone most women wouldn’t want any part of sexually, or otherwise at that point. Makes me wonder what causes someone to get to that point in their life. I mean, I have stress, anxiety and a hoard of other issues to contend with on a daily basis just like most. I’m over sixty so its not like I have youth on my side, but I still try to maintain a healthy diet, and take vitamins and supplements to help my body. I also have an open mind which I honestly believe helps people age better. Willingness to accept things as they change is essential, and the desire to change the things you feel strongly about is as well. Seems to me all too many people fall into ruts, and then instead of trying to figure a way out, they just accept the rut as their existence.

Spicing things up by adding a sexual playmate is an option if you’re in a relationship, but of course that’s where the open mind part comes in. If you aren’t willing to expand the menu, then you are eliminating a possible truly fun experience. Yes, it can also lead to bad things between a couple if they aren’t secure, and are using an additional male or female as a way to prop up a failing relationship. Only venture down that path if you’re relationship is secure, but you’re looking for new experiences, and are also curious about pleasure, and sensation.

There's also the fact that as men age, their hormones slide, meaning they might benefit from testosterone treatment, or maybe just HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) in order to boost their libido, and sex drive. Of course there’s also the magic blue pill, and the multi day pill, and the daily pill, and the… well you get the point. There is apparently a pill for everything sex related these days. Although if you need a pill to get or maintain an erection in your 40s or 50s, there is definitely something you need to have checked. Someone healthy, in those age ranges shouldn’t need any medication to actually get an erection. It means either some psychological issue is stopping you from experiencing one… or something physical is… meaning potential blood clots, or hardening of the arteries, low blood pressure, or heart issues. In my opinion, a healthy male with a healthy mental attitude towards sexuality and life, generally means he is able to maintain his natural sex drive indefinitely.

If help is needed, then there are natural ways to start boosting your bodies natural sex hormones, and when it reaches a point, and eventually it will, where your body can no longer supply the needed hormones to keep you active then it’s time to consult a nutritionist, or doctor to see if your system, or hormones need a little help. All I’m trying to say is if you stay active, healthy, eat right, do light exercise, and maintain a regimen of supplements and vitamins, you will definitely age better than if you’re eating pork chops, and fried potatoes every other night. Cannabis is also an alternative that many overlook. The various terpenes in Cannabis can greatly affect your sexual desire, and mood. Once again however, there is lots of false and misleading information on the internet... especially surrounding Cannabis, and it's effects on male libido. Read one article and they swear to the gods that it causes ED... and read another and it's the fountain of youth.  On a personal note... I find Cannabis to be the most effective libido booster I know of. I've tried the blue pill when I felt I wanted a boost... and all it did was make my head hurt. I have, and still do on occasion use Cialis. It's more of a mod booster in the sexual arena. One of the more beneficial aspects of that particular drug is that it also help keep your prostate from enlarging. So does Saw Palmetto... and cannabis... which are both natural ingredients.

Yes, I realize that if you’re not in any relationship or are married when you hit your fifties, then it becomes harder to find anyone to have a sexual relationship with. If you aren’t staying in shape, then even posting on various social media outlets that allow sexual posts, or going to known successful dating sites you aren’t going to get many takers if you’re mid fifties, and out of shape. You have to at least make an effort to be desirable. You also wanna keep in mind that many women over fifty are still very sexual, so if you aren’t doing your best to keep yourself in shape, then you’re limiting the odds even more of ever finding someone to be with on all levels. You also might keep in mind that many younger women are also becoming more interested in older males who are in shape, and good looking. "Times they are a changin"… as the song goes. In Europe that's a more common approach. Older and younger exploring together. I mean think about how our system here works. It's ass backwards. There... a woman in her 40s or 50s might be educating a male in his early 20s... and a male in his 50s or 60s is sometimes seen with women in their early 20s. Here we have 19 year old males thinking they know everything about sex trying to get it going with someone of the opposite sex or same sex for that matter... and neither knows what the hell they're doing other than what they learned from porn.

Talk about Tantric massage or sexual techniques and watch the smokie exit their ears as their brain fries. Mention Kama Sutra, or other ancient mind altering techniques... and they think your old. Until they hit their 40s, and if they're lucky... someone gives them a Tantric Yoni or Lingam massage. That changes their views complexly. If it's not fast and hard... then most people between 18 and 45 lose interest it seems. Oh well... their loss I suppose right? If you wan to learn something, then look up Hegre Tantric massages and watch a few. They produce videos that still show most of the ancient techniques used during the massage.

Oh one last thing? Turn off the porn. Trust me, all it’s doing is giving you the wrong idea of what women want or need sexually, and that affects you’re mental views of sexuality... which in turn affect your sex drive itself. Everything sexual starts in the brain. What you see, hear, taste, touch and smell all contribute to sexuality on some level and they are all generated in the mind. Keep an open mind, a healthy lifestyle, and you’ll be enjoying sex into your eighties. I plan on going to at least 90 myself... but we'll see.