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This is raw, you have been warned.

I'm feeling restless and anxious for the past 2 hours or so--there are several things on my to-do list and I don't want to do any of them. According to what I've read during my research, this is a focus problem caused by that damn meat cleaver incident

My brain is like: there's this thing to do, and also these 6 other things. ADHD brain says "sleeping would be nice, or playing Skyrim or dancing or crafting" my practical brain says "supposed to be shopping for a new doctor, make the call {I already know the clinic/hospital, just need to find the department number} to get that ball rolling"

I'd also be surprisingly content staring at a tree for several minutes, even though I was literally outside walking earlier and got back 20 minutes ago.

What's with the meat cleaver reference? The brilliant Dr. Barkley offered an 'in other words' for a lecture hall full of normies, suggesting the ADHD brain's 2 halves are very disconnected with each other and communication is bad at best. I was so off-put by his analogy that I keep forgetting to research what the 2 parts are because I don't think it's left and right's some kind of front and back. Pre-frontal cortex was mentioned

Anyhow, I'm on to my next thing