That makes for a rough title, but there it is. The power of that weird little symbol that used to simply be an abbreviation for the word 'number' has evolved into a magic vibration tool in the wide interwebs. Place this symbol in front of a word or phrase and suddenly you're connected to anyone else who's done the same.

So let's talk about Women: earlier today on Twitter, I retweeted a post celebrating women on this day...including transwomen, which seemed obvious to us and many others. Tricia did not agree and so the battle of comments begins. Perhaps. Or she might be shaking her head at my existence, wondering what kind of damage I have. Only time will tell,

I believe trans-people are amazing for their refusal to quietly conform to who society says they should be, based on what they look like. Have we not been learning, as a species, to stop judging people by their appearance? I'm grateful to transwomen for joining the ranks of women and instantly consider them my sisters. Are we not seeking to topple the toxic patriarchy together and change the world? How are we not anything but blessed when a person wants to shed their man identity and embrace their sacred feminine?

Why are some women so against transwomen? Why are there women anywhere who can't look past a person's body and into that person's spirit? How are we so evolved as a species, yet still so emotionally primitive?