March is over and most of me is relieved that spring is ‘just around the corner’ as it were, though some of me is simply looking at the end of another month which means my ovaries will be rotting in a few days, causing me to leak. I’m looking forward to when our species is more advanced so that I have the power to deactivate the little bastards: “your services are unwanted, thank you”

A new month also means I need to call my doctor’s office to get her to call in my ADHD meddie script. I whined about that a lot until I began reading what other people go through for their meds; some doctors require a patient to count pills? That seems degrading, but perhaps someone finds that helpful? My doctor is great, though I messed up our check-in schedule during the winter because I couldn’t get an appointment in January when I was supposed to and then suddenly February was coming to an end. Zeffy says I can set up to schedule an office visit on my birth anniversary day, which means we have to go there in June {that’s the deal, she checks in every 3 months but 2 of those visits can be video calls}.

Other stuff is we spread a bunch of seeds during the weekend and pray to Mumma Earth that she’ll protect them from the rumoured low of 25 or whatever this week sometime. We’ve got creeping ground cover to bring some colour to our forest and protect the land from erosion {thars epic slopes out in these here parts} as well as fragrant plants that will repel mosquitos and ticks and no-see-ums. Of course we have more than a few plants coming {lavender, sunflower, etc} that birds and useful insects will adore. We’ve got more seeds coming and also want to order lots of clover, which the bunnies love so much. There’s been a lot of hard work too, pruning and hauling brush—this land has never been cared for how we have in mind, perhaps with the exception of before settlers took over all those centuries ago.

We have a run-off river to damn up; apparently our 7 acres and the surrounding 20+ or so was all owned by some old farmer before it was broke up into…there’s probably about 10 ‘lots’ off our little country mini highway. Our designated chunk is mostly sloped toward our little pond, and unfortunately the neighbor’s chunks are all higher, which means we get an epic river of run-off water any time it rains because we’re downhill. Life is stressful and distracting, there’s lots to take care of and I think it’s easy for people to prioritize their structures—I strive not to criticize, but this problem began a few years ago and has gotten much worse.

Over these years, because of erosion and run-off, the pond has taken to flooding and evidently sprung a leak some years back. We have a lot of work to do, repairing the erosion problem and healing up the pond.

I’m not super sure what we’re supposed to do about the pond, to be blunt—Zeffy says we have to dig out the silt and crap that’s flowed in because of the erosion, to unclog the natural spring feed. I’ve been working out there for the past couple of years, learning where the required machinery can come in and clearing away brush. Also, I’ve made a ‘forever walk’ which has been a life goal for some time—the path we’ve got starts at the mow-line near the house and goes all the way around the pond, meaning you could walk forward as long as you like.

Digging out the pond seems like a rather violent adventure—even though we don’t have the oxygen levels to support fish, which sucks given we’re so close to some kind of apocalypse, we have well over a dozen painted turtles living in or around the water. We’ve also attracted some ducks, since last month—though they’re rather skittish and lift off yelling complaints if ever they hear me come close to the pond. Wood ducks, according to my research—and I’m puffed up with pride to say that not only did I see one {3 over the course of a few days} I actually got a decent picture.