Relationship Issues

There’s a saying out here that goes like this, “I was doing/planning to do whatever and then…life” and it encompasses everything to why you’re not keeping up with your exercise plan to why you haven’t been able to save money. The theory, as I understand it, is that some zones have a higher number of people who view life as more of a ride to strap into and less like a collection of experiences in a learning environment. An excellent and personal example is this:

I was doing really well checking in on the website, making changes and uploading posts and then…life. My old laptop refuses to see our network, which means I can’t access the internets “from here” and this means I can’t use my daily laptop time to work on the website easily. I don’t know how to fix this problem, Zeffy is my pet computer nerd and he’s slightly clueless which is a really bad sign; he’s the one who does research and knows how to poke around for answers. Me? I’m about ready to sit down under the desk with my tarot cards and establish communication with the electronics; “we were doing fine, tell me what ails you. Do you feel unappreciated? Am I not grateful enough for the hard work you do for me?”

I never got the chance to do any meditating under my desk, or simply forgot, but Zeffy was able to fix the problem which apparently was just a communication issue remedied by resetting the router. It's awesome when problems can be resolved, though Imma be honest: what happened to my option to change the colour of my text?

Notes from the future; well that explains why the text was blue... I can't work on the site from my laptop again, how long has this post been a draft?

In any event, onto the next thing I suppose