Bonus RealityDream Travel

19 February

Who am I that you should care about my dreams? Lucky for me, this isn’t about you the faceless random person who stumbles upon this page. Teta has always been an active dreamer and yes, that is the only time I’ll refer to myself in third person. Sometimes it’s really fun, like when I’m questing or riding dragons. Other times it’s very disorienting, like when my mind is sorting through emotional data… like recently, which is annoying. This happens periodically, as I reach a certain point in my path that requires shedding or if it’s time to ‘increase my skill points’ in some way.

Sometimes when there’s a lot going on in my life, I’ll forget dreams when I wake up but then remember random snippets for up to a week or so. For instance, I abruptly remember part of a dream from a few days ago; though oddly enough, this memory was triggered by a random thought about one of our favourite shows. Don’t judge us, we adore Disenchanted on Netflix and the new season was released recently so we’ve been watching it again.

As I’m typing this, the image of time-keeping in Dreamland pops into my mind; owls fly into the big bell, one for each chime. It’s funny because it’s stupid, but it also makes me think about owls… and suddenly I remember a dream snippet of driving with my dad, the road we’re on looks like the roads out here and it’s likely afternoon sometime. Huge telephone poles stand along the road for miles, their lines slightly drooping between them; which looks totally normal but for the owls perched on the lines en masse. There must have been at least 50, sitting on the power lines and the field below.

Honestly that was a first even in my weird dreams, where I once had to carefully step through a village of tiny people [as in about 6inches tall] so I pause and reflect. What do I know about owls? It’s common to see a single owl perched on top of a telephone pole, out where we live, especially once they stopped sleeping all day. We have a few who ‘sing’ at night around here and possible someone lives in our forest, but owls are known to have a huge hunting zone so we can’t know for sure.

We have this book by Ted Andrews that I use to read about animals because it’s called Animal Totems and explores energetic/spiritual significance to various animal sightings. There’s a lot to be said about owls… wisdom, healing, fertility, and death depending on what culture sways you. Ted references early Christian Gnostics, Roman, Greek, Pawnee, Ojibwa, Pueblo and Wales so I’ll have much to review later…

Owls have personal significance because of a vision quest years ago; well, maybe not specifically because of the vision quest but that experience comes to mind whenever I think of my personal connection to owls. I’ll write up the adventure in great detail at some point, but for now I’ll simply share the bits about owls. For the one part, I shapeshifted several times; gorilla for strength, centaur for the long walk and owl for flying. The other bit was; my guide and I were traveling along the path when a huge snowy owl comes flying in from a mysterious distance and hovers in front of us for a split second before becoming a woman in a long hooded cloak. I’ve always referred to her as the moon-eyed goddess because I never learned much about her, but my spirit will always remember those bright white-blue eyes.

On a different note, when I think about owls I remember that weird alien horror movie Milla Jovovich stared in. It was based on a true story, took place in Alaska and people were being abducted by aliens. Milla’s character was a therapist of some kind, using hypnosis to help people dive deeper into their issues. She began talking to a few people who were having issues sleeping, which is where the story starts. They see owls under hypnosis, but then they keep saying “its not an owl” because these aliens were manipulating memories.