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Zeffy and I chose to settle down in this place, yes, and sometimes we don’t know why; a few days ago we theorized that perhaps it’s for residential status. I imagined a situation where we’re like ‘oi, representative such and such, you have to talk to us because we’ve lived here for a long time!’ Perhaps this is a thing, perhaps it’s not.

We’ve been together for over a decade, yeah, but we’ve also reincarnated together many times and last month my spirit guides chose to ‘clear up a misconception’ because I’m insisting that we gather experience. They insist that all experience we gather during a lifetime is stored and when we begin a new life, we’re starting with nothing. However, they’ve also talked about points at which we might unlock or access our Celestial knowledge...during a lifetime. They also talk about free will occasionally, but that’s a topic for another time.

I’m interpreting their perception like my Skyrim account; I have one character leveled to 79 with awesome stats and lots of gear and stuff, but if I’m logged into a different character or want to start a new character, everything Naramu’s got is meaningless. I’m only a casual gamer, I always have been—I don’t know any cheat-codes and didn’t buy any of the upgrades. I’m not a computer hacking genius and probably understand code about as much as I understand Latin; however, I am convinced that a connection exists between all the various elements of my Skyrim account because it all lives in the same place, only separated by lines of code.

And then I lost my train of writing after the thought ‘I could really use a healing potion’ popped into my head and I’m wondering about food.

So my spirit guides tell me “turning an issue into an asset is easy, simply shift your perspective” because that’s always super easy. We’re giving it a go regardless, looking at issues one at a time and re-framing them as assets. The first one was issue: financial struggles, asset: we haven’t murdered each other. This sounded silly at first but we talked about two facts, the one being: do you have any idea how often ‘dad’ loses his ass financially and decides to triple murder/suicide? Or simply stress builds and people go too far and we’ve gone through a lot together and I know we can get through anything because of that.

Another thing is that as much as I don’t like Zeffy going to work, I need him to leave sometimes. We’ve fantasized about him having an office somewhere but honestly I’d rather just ‘turn my issue into an asset’ so we can figure out how to effectively be here together. It’s a question of distractions, which is what I was thinking about when I started writing this post a month ago—my spirit guides are like “take care not to get overwhelmed because when you do, you create distractions” which I’ve been processing for the past day or two...a whole month ago. Maybe not an entire month, perhaps 2 or 3 weeks.

If I was more of a masochist, I’d probably really enjoy the part where they made a point of saying ‘even if you disagree, it’s still true’ because free will is a tricky thing and changing reality doesn’t always include all aspects of reality. Generally speaking, I feel like life is often a highly interactive game with lots of quests and no user manual. Sometimes you can find guides to assist or teach you, other times you discover that you murdered a guide or two while on a bad-mood fueled killing spree you accidentally saved.

So here’s what we’ve got going on lately; we learned about NFTs some kind of month ago and aspire to learn even more so that we can become part of that… do I want to call it a market or an arena? We do plan to make artwork, but there’s also a lot to know about creating communities on Discord or Twitter so that when we finally release our project, people already know about it. We're learning about an art community that hasn't really changed, oddly enough, because often a buyer isn't infatuated with your super unique image... an artist's goal, still, is to embody a persona that people will 'buy' in the form of pieces of art. Ever heard "oh yes, I've got a genuine Van Gogh" "Oh wow, which one?" "Um, I don't remember...but it's totally legit!" "Considering no one valued his art until after he was dead, I'm sure that would make him very happy..."

We ‘enrolled’ in an online course [means we bought access to a bunch of videos] so this guy with a sexy Russian accent can teach us about NFTs, the blockchain, and a few other relevant things. We're feeling very grateful that we got the course on sale because Zeffy is disappointed in the information shared so far. I'm convinced there's a lot more, but we got sidetracked by LIFE and haven't been back to the videos.

Also, back several months or whatever, my spirit guides informed me that my ADHD meds disrupt my magic in some way. I don’t really know what this means, but I backed off for a week or so in February and honestly I still have no idea how this knowledge makes me feel. I guess it annoys me more than anything else, like why does everything in this world come with side-effects or a disclaimer? "Will help you focus but might cause you to stop sleeping" says the ominous, disembodied voice that echoes from the television late at night...

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