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I stand behind my decision to turn 1 choppy, scattered document from February into 3 interesting posts. At some point I'll put links to the other 2 in each post, but for now...

I know for a fact that the term "peopling" will catch on eventually and that it will mostly be used by neuro-divergent people and whoever else feels like they power up to periodically "do this social thing like a proper person." 

Connecting with people out here has always been a challenge, but my guides assure me that as Zeffy and I define what we want, our ‘call’ so to speak becomes more accurate. What I'm talking about is also referred to as 'magnetism' or the concept of 'radiating' or 'vibrating' in a way that welcomes certain elements into your life. A variety of categories of thought discuss this ‘call’ or whatever, because it’s kind of like an internet search—the keywords are magic spells that connect you with what you’re looking for, so it’s important to look for what you want to experience. You might also think of it like "if you're looking for a fish, you won't find it sifting through a desert" but I don't know, this has been a weird day.

To finish up my 'updates post' from a month ago...we’ve been working on embracing numerous changes, from our daily habits to having more friends. I've finally convinced Zeffy to start doing daily yoga with me, though we're calling it yoga-ish right now so we don't get discouraged trying to do things 'correctly'  because sometimes I know we need to just quiet our minds and meditate but neither of us can sit still that long.

Also, on the topic of friends, we've both made new connections with people we've known for a while and that feels really good so we're focusing on giving power to the stuff we believe in and allowing life to happen naturally. Kisses

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