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Spring Cleaning

During a recent cleaning surge, though I suppose it’s our spring cleaning, I found an old notebook of mine filled with random content. One of the ‘entries’ so to speak, was this one:

Vampire nights… When the sun is asleep and buzzing people rest in their beds, the people of focus and awesome ambition come out to play. To feed on the glow of the moon instead of the burning glory of the sun, the vampires play in the dark of the night while babies sleep and insanity snoozes in beds of stale feathers covered in dust.

While the sun make speak to us of burning energy, scorching heat and blinding light—the moon lives calmly, rotating around us giving off a soothing glow in the darkness.

The moon has long since been linked with magic, the real kind, because souls who choose to worship know that only calm rotation allows us to hear the wisdom of life.

This isn’t dated at all, so perhaps I remember sitting at the kitchen table years ago and staring at a full moon. Sleep is often restless for the both of us, even before we were constantly getting up before the sun… before Zeffy could only sleep soundly for a couple of hours on his days off, and even before Squeaks’ phase of complaining loudly at 2am.

Time is a weird thing, it seems, especially when I find my old writing and it’s got no dates. The front half of this notebook is full of brainstorming on a story I was writing many years ago, which may return to my priority list at some point. There’s a lot going on, however, so I doubt it will move up in ranks in the near future unless something amazing happens. My story was to eventually become an erotic novel—it’s taproot is actually a nightmare I had long ago, a snippet of dream story that I was easily able to expand upon. Like most stories, I added the sexual elements as they would naturally arise for any group of adults with full lives—honestly, other than my intro scene, life distracted me before most of the sexual content could be developed.

Regardless, this old snippet of writing made me think about night and day because of how different the energies make us feel. For a lot of people, day means work, night means sleep and this is a cycle to be repeated until death. Suppose you are one of the lucky few to retire in your mid-sixties, there is still work to be done even if only because you can’t shed the impulse to work. We imagine Zeffy retiring and this won’t mean he’s done working, it means that his work will be different—instead of driving to the place and doing the stuff all day, he’ll be home doing upgrades or tending the gardens.

For my own life, I’ve never imagined retiring simply because I never joined ‘the work force’ like everyone else. Many of the things I’ve been doing most of my life, I’ll continue doing until I no longer can. Today we’ll have warmth outside finally and perhaps the frosts are done, as we had more than a few nights that went down below 30 with days that never saw 60. I’m feeling called to create a few amulets with the wood I took from the hedge-apple tree we’ve been working around for the past several weeks. Working this land has been a slow moving project because it’s probably being tamed for the first time in decades—I’ve found numerous treasures in the form of ancient farm equipment and very old pottery.

This land has a lot of poison ivy, apparently, and I’ve learned a lot about life the past week or so because I’ve been ripping it up around the aforementioned tree so we can put in more useful plants. I remember a couple of years back, we invested in many seeds and spread them when the ground was nice and moist. After the frosts, of course. The trouble with seeds, however, is the fact that young life isn’t always strong enough to fight with whatever current life is established. So I’m grateful that we had some cooler days for my yardwork because I’m very much allergic to poison ivy and need to have all my skin covered, which gets quite hot as you can easily imagine.

Shortly after an invigorating session of tearing up poison ivy vines, we noticed I'd managed to pick up some damage which could have only come from indirect contact which is the sign to stop until it's dormant again. So it's back inside for my spring cleaning, which was kind of fun last week because I was able to establish a pattern...but then Zeffy disrupted it by being home {he took a few days off} and that's a sad thing for me. We were able to start many conversations and access some epiphanies recently, so I'm optimistic that our lives are changing for the better.

Besides, I started a new hobby, how could life not change for the better? I'll share details elsewhere and put a link here when we've got it. Kisses from management