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Just like the seed, I don’t know where to go; Through dirt and shadow, I grow. I’m reaching light through the struggle. Just like the seed, I’m chasing the wonder; I unravel myself, all in slow motion.

You cannot eat money, oh no; you cannot eat money, oh no. When the last tree has fallen and the rivers are poisoned, you cannot eat money, oh no. You cannot eat money, oh no

Suffocate me so my tears can be rain; I will water the ground were I stand, so the flowers can grow back again. ‘Cause just like the seed, everything wants to live; we are burning our fingers but we learn to forgive.

Feed me sunlight, feed me air in a place where nothing matters. Feed me truth and feed me prayer {dancing around a shooting star} and every cell remembers. Feed me sunlight, feed me air {that have taken us this far} I see images of killer whales. Feed me truth and feed me prayers {sleeping in a desert trail}

Dreaming of a parallel world where nothing ever hurts; dreaming of a parallel world where nothing ever hurts.

If you don’t recognize these words as the lyrics of The Seed {sung by Aurora and written by: Aurora Aksnes, Michelle Leonard and Nicolas Rebscher} you owe it to yourself to check out this link. Most of her songs are equal parts strange and amazing; lots of people make music and have for longer than most of us can remember. Personally, I listen to dozens of artists from Phildel to Faun; as well as a few mainstream singers/bands. Of all the music I listen to, every once in a while there’s an artist who I can imagine sitting down with for tea and a quiet chat about life.

Aurora shared her voice with the storytellers of Frozen 2, which is how I discovered her surprisingly vast existence—she was credited as ‘the voice’ and that’s what I investigated. These songs she sings resonate on a unique level for me, because in a world that sings about dance moves and nonsense… she’s talking about life as more than our societal construct.

It’s not unusual for people like me to suffer from random surges of anxiety that seems to dance around me like Madame Sulliman’s light-bulb people in Howl’s Moving Castle {movie, Studio Ghibli and Disney} Who are ‘people like me’? Oddly enough, I’m fairly sure that’s most people these days; sensitive, intelligent, alert, and not emotionally shut down. The century turned two decades ago, and what have we got to show for it? Compare 2001 to 1901, 1801 and so on—what has our species been prioritizing and accomplishing during our time on this planet? Yikes, is all I have to say sometimes.

When I discovered this song, The Seed, I began to feel like the fight for global change isn’t a doomed ambition. Sure there are countless people all over the world who are straight up awful on a variety of terrifying levels from animal abuse and deforestation to fracking and fighting Roe vs Wade… but we are not all the life that exists on this planet.

With this thought I am reminded of a deeply held belief of mine; I believe all things have life that radiates with intent and intelligence. This means that wildlife and trees, critters of the desert and the desert itself, waters of oceans and rivers and natural lakes, all the creatures who live in those waters, birds of the skies, critters deep underground—all of this life energy is with us in our quest for global change. We are not alone; we who seek balance, peace, natural cycles, bio-diversity... and we are not without power.

Recently I've been channeling my feelings of anxiety or sadness or fear into a new ambition of mine, which is to care for plants {that's been something of a challenge to my time management skills and memory} and I'm proud to say we've got quite the closet full of little ones right now. We picked up a great collection of seeds a few years back because we've been wanting more useful plants on our little slice of Planet Earth. Many of our seeds we still have, so I've got a few "baby greenhouses" which are these fantastic German inventions that are essential to caring for tiny plants. Right now we have several tomatoes, a few different mints sprouted and nestled in 4in fiber pots. In another tray we put 16 melon seeds from last years honeydew and cantaloupes; Zeffy is sure they'll come up, which would be really awesome.

I've got some fotos to share... In another post, I prattled on about the work we've done on this land that {a long time ago} was nothing but farmland, which means there are some seriously deep-rooted weeds and lots of poison ivy. This year we've been working on an area near a huge rock, a moody hedgeapple tree, and two fascinating... Honestly, I don't know what kind of trees they are. Anyhow, we spent many hours with snippers and the weed-hacker--not to mention my brutal devotion to ripping up roots.

For this area, we want to plant various mints and the pennyroyal {is what we've discussed so far} because these plants are enjoyed by bees and butterflies and also disliked by ticks and no-see-ums {otherwise known as chiggers}. With some work on our part, we can and intend to build a thriving wildlife sanctuary here...on our little slice of Planet Earth.