Bonus RealityMagical Journey

Can i do magic yet?

Many years ago we picked up a book about molecular biology. My intent was to learn more about cells {unless I was going through a weird phase Zeffy indulged, such as buying new books at the book store we went to periodically} because as fabulous as it is to learn about protecting or strengthening or healing with Laran… the theories won’t do me any good in practice until I can effectively work with actual cells in our actual bodies. Real quick, one of Teta's very favourite authors of all time is Marion Zimmer Bradley who published many fabulous fantasy books. Laran is what she called the somewhat naturally occurring magic many people could use, if they learned how. If they didn't learn to use it properly, it could totally kill them and I've been using the term 'threshold sickness' for many years. As a person's natural power awakens, cells and senses get stimulated in new varying levels of intensity, this is referred to as 'threshold sickness' which includes cold sweats and nightmares and even slipping into a coma-state only trained telepaths can haul you back from.

Is our species on the brink of an evolution of some kind or are simply on the edge of mass extinction? What exactly is 'our species' given that I've always been existed on the fringe of humanity and Zeffy's favourite tee design says "Be Human, We Can't All Be Aliens"?

Moving right along...

A nerve cell {also known as neurons} consists of a cell body and an axon—which is like a cable transmitting messages and stimuli through your body, and even to your brain! A number of protrusions called dendrites {the dudes with green suits who live in the big tree #CellsAtWork}, stick out from the cell body and receive messages from other neurons. The nerve cells in our body can have a meter-long axon.

The goal is to visualize and communicate with our very most core cells for to send healing or strength. As an example, what is your ‘issue area’ experiencing on a cellular level? Imagine your white and red blood cells going about their business; moving oxygen, battling hostile elements so to give them more strength. Perhaps tissue is currently damaged or inflamed—and if so, what is the cause?

According to Cells at Work, allergic reactions happen when our bodies overreact to a foreign substance; therefore we can imagine your various cells racing around, upset and maybe confused by the presence of silly stomping monsters muttering ‘peanut.’ Cedar came in through the eyes and nose—peanut comes in through the stomach and harasses the intestines and evacuation portal. Magical theory suggests that if we can focus enough intent to isolate what we imagine the problem to be, we can neutralize it. How? As the theory goes, we consider the effects of physical reality on our sense of self and make adjustments.

Various types of people think about life in this way and we often get more of what we're most thinking about; either because we're praying for it it or simply because we're feeding that beast instead of the other one. Cells, particles, energy—what are any of these things at their very core, except code that can be rewritten with the right knowledge? What is the true identity of this irritant in your life? {Note: we or I must make some small images for spaces like this. Though this isn't exactly where I'd put our peanut allergen guy.}

For a weird variety of reasons, we physical beings have been known to manifest a problem with such and such flavour… to avoid facing a “real” problem. In other words… we choose a problem that is not our actual problem, but we feel better going through the motions and perhaps we value suffering because we believe it signifies growth. Meanwhile, our actual problem goes unaddressed—though perhaps it will diminish because we’re not feeding it, or maybe it will get much worse. In various cases, perhaps our physical body responds from a place of desperation for the purpose of communicating to our higher self when we’re horribly out of sync. This is, unfortunately, very often the case, isn't it? We work in unhealthy or unloving environments and our homes suffer because we lack the energy or means to care for them as much as we ought to. How many people find refuge in a holy house so to embrace some level of peace in the belief that even though there are forces at work that we don't understand or can't control, someone with a respectable amount of power is watching over us?

This, of course, comes with it's own set of clauses... which is why I picked up our book on molecular biology, so I can establish a rapport with those tiny important things and maybe make some positive changes. I'll always believe there are many forms of life watching over me, though maybe it would be healthy for us to spend more time healing our bodies. It's not we don't believe it's possible, kisses from management