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Are multiple dimensions actually a reality?

There is no irrefutable evidence that multiple dimension exist... however, there really isn't any irrefutable evidence that they don't either. Quantum science and physics are getting closer and closer to understanding that as humans, we can generally only perceive 3 dimensions... potentially 4 if we open our minds to the possibilities. Thinking that their are possibly millions of thinly sliced layers... dimensions... all stacked on themselves is lunacy right? The possibility that we actually have already lived out every possible life in every possible way is definitely... out there. I guess it could be perceived that way... unless you believe in reincarnation as I do. I mean, there would be little point in creating a physical body in a timeline if we already knew exactly how it would unfold. Not much fun in that right? Ever see the movie Groundhog Day with Bill Murray? Classic. So we forget... in order to live out a life with possibilities.

Possibilities you ask? What possibilities could there be if everything has already happened? Well see there in lies the caveat. Free will. In any lifetime we have freewill which is the only possible way in which to manipulate a timeline... and create an entirely new one. Dimensions... can be created this way, and added into the Universes book as it were. It also gives a Celestial being the ability to choose an already known lifetime while in the ethereal state... and then use free will to alter and create another timeline. Of course that still begs the question... isn't that part of the everything's already been created, lived and experienced part? If everything's already happened... then even these free will events would have been recorded into the timeline right? In other words... even freewill events should already be part of the everything's already happened part. Yet for some reason I don't think they are... just like blackholes not making any sense on a normal level. So there's this hole in space and time that gobbles up everything within it's immense gravitational pull... yet where is everything going? A blackhole is literally a hole in space... so whatever leaves here has to be going somewhere.

This brings me back to dimensions... and the possibility that there could in fact be a continuing creation of new dimensions through the use of freewill. I also believe we can move between these dimensions if we learn how to control frequencies within us. Match a frequency, and you can resonate with the object whose frequency you match. Nikola Tesla new this in the late 1800's. Resonating at the correct frequency of the dimension next to this one, or above this one, and you will be able o sense, o r possibly see things from that dimension. Can you shift into another dimension? Yes... I believe you can, but I also believe there are maybe some rules. I'll explore that next...