Bonus RealityMagical Journey

Are you feeling off… disconnected?

I can't seem to put a finger on it to be honest. I've felt it for some time now, and by some time I'm talking about several decades. I have always felt there was something coming if that's the word to describe it. Something has always been at the very edge of reach it seems... just beyond my scope of understanding. A consciousness shift? A planetary meltdown? Catastrophic war? I can honestly say I have no idea. I never feel it to be doom... at least not in my case... but then again I look at existence differently than most. I  imagine that most people would call the extinction of the human race to be doom... or catastrophic right? Well to me that depends on how you look at it. See... there is no death to me... we just lose the physical shell and either re-enter the game... or we sit back and explore the cosmos with different senses and knowledge. We're eternal... immortal... never ending so we choose the path we desire at all times. Energy can be transformed, but never destroyed. 

Many psychics or seers have come forward over the decades to tell us that a great consciousness shift is upon us. I see it as a transitional situation or ongoing thing.... not an all at once situation. I think people are waking up all the time... which is why there is so much turmoil in the world right now. There are those awakening... and those who wish to remain asleep which is what is creating the divide right now. People can place whatever labels on it they feel comfortable with... right wing left wing... Socialist's and Fascists'... it's all the same in the end. There are those moving forward, and advancing themselves... and those who wish to remain in the past. Consider it a movie... where some are embracing the new digital technology, and others are more content with old black & white movies.

No society can evolve if it will not let go of the past... and that encompasses many traditions. Family traditions are one thing... trying to keep an entire populace living by a standard that existed long ago is not only ridiculous, but unhealthy for the mind and soul. Things must change for them to grow. Fear keeps things from changing, and right now there is a tremendous amount of fear in the world. Maybe that's the heavy part I'm referring to. I no longer know. I do know that this is just the beginning of whatever this is... energetically.

There are subreddits that talk about all things spiritual. A reddit for everything you might say. One of the subreddits i joined is called Empaths. People who are sensitive to the energy of those around them. Some of us... Empaths... are so tuned that we're picking up on all the pain and turmoil going n in the world. It becomes a heavy burden after a while... especially when you feel as though your seething with anger, or annoyance only to discover later that it wasn't you at all. Instead it was something you were picking up on that may have been occurring a thousand miles away. Being an Empath can be taxing to say the least... especially when the vast majority of people around you are religious. 

I'm also reading a lot of articles or posts talking about how the poster is 'feeling off' or are 'feeling something isn't right'. Pretty much what I've been sensing for the last 30 years at least. Are we on the verge of some consciousness shift? I honestly couldn't tell you... but what I am more apt to accept is that we... as a species have over stayed our welcome, and Nature, as well as Mother Earth have decided we are no longer desired. This isn't rocket science... the truth is right there in front of your eyes. We live on a planet that was designed to support about a billion people... at most... and that is if all those people interacted with one another in positive ways sharing resources. What we have instead is 8 billion people... many of whom are homeless, or hungry. We have had our crack at this so to speak, and in a mere 125 years of industrial revolution, we managed to bring a 6 billion year old planet to its knees.

In case you're not paying attention, Nature has started ramping up the storms, and weather events. Droughts, floods, hurricanes and typhoons... record heat waves, and cold snaps. Nature knows we're basically the most fragile animal on the planet... so she's systematically attacking us in areas of the country, and globe where there is little defense against what occurs. Add in a number of virus' like covid, flu, monkeypox, the resurgence of syphilis presently flowing around the globe... and I think it's pretty clear what's taking place. Produce and food constantly being recalled for Listeria, E.coli, and hepatitis as well as glaciers melting at extraordinary rates, coral reefs being destroyed, the Amazon Rain Forest being wiped out for Palm trees, and people have micro plastics flowing around inside their bodies affecting DNA, brain chemistry, and reproductive abilities. It's estimated by a few scientific studies here... and here that if this is not corrected within 5 years, by 2045 the human race will essentially be unable to reproduce because male sperm count will be non existent. It has dropped almost 70% since the mid 60s due to these plastics.

We can all come together and fix this, or we can sit here and watch as everything unravels. I used to tell people I had a front row seat to the apocalypse... and at this moment in time... I'm pretty sure that's correct. I personally think we played ourselves out. A species too driven by financial reward, and less concerned with Nature and the power it provides.

We can heal ourselves, and the planet... but in order for that to manifest into reality, people have to believe, and that requires belief in themselves, and their magical abilities. Those abilities they had as a child, and then surrendered as they grew into an adult. Somewhere along the way someone decided that adults... can be magical... that it was silly, and irresponsible. Adults couldn't deal in folly... they had to take care of a wife/husband and children. Over the centuries we surrendered slowly but surely when it came to our true natural abilities.

We surrendered our ability to heal by accepting doctors as those who can... when there are stories of people unable to walk who completely healed their damaged spines. We surrendered our ability to manifest what we desire when we decided we needed to pray to a God in order to get what we needed. We surrendered our ability to communicate with Nature when we built buildings and walls to close her out, or lock her in. We surrendered our ability to be happy, loving and compassionate when we decided that war... was a solution to anything.

If you're feeling off or disconnected, then there's a good possibility that you're an Empath, and you're experiencing a wave of energy that isn't your own. Use whatever methods you can to center yourself, and detach from whatever it is you need to detach from in order to restore balance. Somethings coming... we all sense that. What it is pretty much eludes us at this point. I think, based on what I'm reading, we're all picking up on this, and whatever it is... it's right there... right around the corner. I hope it isn't some cataclysmic event that ends the world. I mean... we're a very unstable and somewhat crude species... but we could have been worse. Whoever left us here... whatever species of alien existence that blended Earths hominids... with whatever it is we're becoming must have had some purpose or intent no? Are we just some random cosmic experiment? I guess we could be... but since we're all celestials that only matters when we're physical. On a celestial level we already know everything, and have already lived all possible existences... it's only when we incarnate that we forget... so we can enjoy the experience.