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The Crow Event

Well, I did accuse my intro of being mostly garbage so perhaps it doesn’t much matter that my 3 or so paragraphs are lost to the void of unsaved data because of random computer reboots.

Yesterday was the 21st of September and shortly after we’d finished eating dinner, we both went outside. Were we feeling particularly called? I’m not sure at the moment.

Front door was barely open and we could hear the sound of many, many birds in the distance; we were both excited to see a huge flock of geese flying overhead and actually scrambled around on the porch to see them. The sky was mostly cloudy and I was still looking when Zeffy noticed they weren’t moving {he’s got better hearing like that} which was super strange. We stood on the porch staring in the direction of at least a dozen birds, apparently, were standing around squawking at each other.

At some point, we saw maybe 5 birds flying ‘away’ and some landing on treetops we could see; these were not geese, they were crows. We actually put our shoes on and trecked to our semi-private road, planning to walk to the main road and see if we could see anything. The noise stopped, however and we abandoned the quest. Neither of us have ever heard so many crows chattering, and neither of us have ever seen so many at one time.

Later that evening, Zeffy looked up “reasons why crows gather in large groups” and found a site with 5 options. An interesting option is that crows develop bonds and will fly together, so will also rest together. Another option is that, apparently, these highly intelligent birds will gather to mourn the death of a fellow crow.

I can only imagine what all these crows were chatting on about for a solid 5 minutes; it’s said that they’ll also come together to discuss danger, so I wonder if they were a bunch of travelers. We don’t have but a few crows around here, to the best of my knowledge; hearing and seeing so many was surreal