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Squirrel in My Pocket

Squeaks was sleeping on my phone making it almost impossible to hear when my alarm finally went off, life is funny that way sometimes. In any event…it’s challenging to recall my night/morning of dreams, lots of weird activity. I’ve got some snippets:

Such as my being with this small family {mom with 2 children age 8 and 14 or so} after some kind of invasion? There was a tool each child was given, that basically created a portal so they could go to some safe place [possibly a ship hovering above the clouds] and be away from whatever stress and destruction occurred on the ground. Apparently there was a window during which these things, which looked like glowing golf-ball sized rocks, worked... Yet the window closed {several minutes, tops} and the weird rocks didn't do anything but glow; this caused them to become beacons that attracted whatever weird things were happening on the ground. They almost got to safety, I was able to watch while standing next the their mom in the kitchen; one child held the stone in their hand, high above their head. Light from the glowing rock seemed to call a wide light from the sky and everything within the light started to float.

Somehow this also caused the ground to rise and their grassy yard {picture a house on 2+ acres of open land} began to resemble a wavey ocean. The one of them wanted to bring me, which is what caused their departure to delay, and then the light expanded but also faded. I think they had to climb down from a tree they landed on. We'd have to pack up some things and travel, though I don't know where we were going. My dream self was distracted by young people {late teens or so} doing some theatre story I was seduced into... and shortly thereafter, I faded into that story and eventually appeared in another one. 

I was sitting on a low stone wall that lined one side of a small parking space. This belonged to some friend of mine, same as the unknown shop I camped out behind because there was a lovely patch of earth {maybe 5ft by 6 or 7ft behind the building, 4ft between wall and side}. The sun was shining and the sky was light blue. A small squirrel is scurring around a few feet away, comes up to me and actually crawls into my pants pocket. At first I'm kind of scared, but that passes quickly. I decide to walk to my mother's house, which is apparently nearby, as if I'm supposed to check on her cats. The squirrel rides on my shoulder. Even though I never made it past the kitchen, the ‘house’ still managed to be a blend of the different houses we lived in. She arrived shortly after I did, the little squirrel was perched on the outside of the screen door. I had to warn her about that because I didn’t want him getting in the house. He perched on her shoulder too, which she thought was fun. For whatever reason, our Squeaks was one of the house cats and I think Bandit {friend's cat} may have been the one outside.

I fed the little squirrel stolen cat food from a small bowl as we walked back to where I was before. Unfortunately the small driveway was dominated by a large truck, from the city, with a guy who was tasked for some landscaping. He was pulling out some of the wildflowers where I had so peacefully been camped out such a short time ago. I argued about where he was working but my voice seemed to be filtered through water or as if it only looked like we 2 people were standing 8 feet apart… but actually it was more like 50. My words didn’t matter, even as I stood next to him and hauled some of the marked plants out of the ground—like maybe I could do this and he could go away? Also note, sigh, ‘him’ was Donny Baby {through the fan filter, I’d wager, since he certainly didn’t look like he could fall over dead at any moment; 36in waist tops w/ normal mobility} also note... forgive the pet name, this is the 4th dream he's shown up in.

At some point later, my little squirrel friend turned into a huge raptor-looking creature and I’m forced to recall “Blue is the key” {or whatever the proper quote is, from Jurassic World 2} because in massive and predatory reptile form, he was pack leader to the others. I have no idea where the others came from. Also, they all gotten commandeered by Donny Baby and were assigned to hunt ‘us rebels’ or whatever was going on. Which got fairly vague from that point on. So exciting.