Local Women’s March

Honestly, it's been a while... or maybe I posted something a few weeks ago? My timeline is always blurry in January--though speaking of, which is the motivation for this post, Roe v Wade was signed all those years ago in January. Thus the reason our local freedom fighters scheduled a march last Sunday, though I couldn't attend. Zeffy asks me what I want from life, on behalf of these different groups of freedom fighters. Honestly I wonder if he wasn't surprised we wound up not going {I was ready to do it; we have a friend who lives in that area which means if I wasn't okay for some reason, like my anxiety flared up, we could soothe me at her place before making the long drive back home}.

Weather was seasonally unpleasant, though hardly the worst we've seen, but I didn't want to risk Zeffy's health {thyroid condition means he's sensitive to cold} or the roads being bad or my own health. When it's 35 and sunny, my body is amazingly warm {unless it's windy} because I have natural solar panels or something. Regardless, the people organizing the event decided to bring it inside at the last minute. Our local friend considered not going as well, talking about she'd prepared herself mentally {also has social anxiety} for an outside gathering which would have been extremely different from roughly 100 people sharing a building.

What are my intentions on behalf of these different groups and movements? I'd really like to create a magic space in which we could all connect to each other because for the past countless decades we haven't been able to. Imagine if the 60's rebellion had something like Twitter? There are so many amazing things happening right now because of all these people coming together to support each other and share their voices to say 'no more!' about this or that.

I might not have the power to organize a protest, I might not have the courage to speak into a megaphone in front of 50+ strangers {some of whom may want to hurt or yell at me}; therefore I want to embrace the power I do have.

Zeffy and I are building this platform for that purpose; for love and for healing, we can all come together in a place that will help organize ambitions and inspire.