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Cooking Together

It's strange to realize that Zeffy and I haven't cooked together very often in the past several years or so; honestly, it's possible that I've gotten slightly 'crazy' about my title of 'primary food prepare-er.' This title formed over time because he spent a lot of time working, and I don't mind playing in the kitchen. Though maybe I've grown to mind some... because it was such a treat, working together.

By 'working together' I'll admit that my job was mostly washing the dishes that'd piled up during the day. During our food shopping earlier that day, we bought several things we've not had in... I don't even know how long. We bought some lemon pepper seasoning, chicken breasts, more butter and a bunch of other things. Zeffy had this great plan for the chicken, which I fotographed with my phone and posted above. Woot for modern technology.

His plan goes like this: plenty of butter for the bottom of the pan {partly to protect the chicken from sticking} and this is funny because this butter does not melt easily! So I dig up a little sauce pan we bought for I don't even know what, and give it a quick clean. He wants to brush melted butter on the chicken and we shared excitement for the silicone food brush we picked up over a month ago {sigh, to put coconut oil on the waffle iron}. He's got all the tools he needs and I'm back to washing dishes, though there's not much left at this point. Zeffy gets all excited opening up our new bottles of seasoning and I said something about having a lemon tree in this area. Would you believe modern tech also includes indoor dwarf lemon trees? We'll be getting one once we can afford to... I can see the front half of our kitchen filling up with plants.

He totally pulled the chicken out of the oven twice to brush more butter on it and I really enjoyed watching him cook. Zeffy was born decades before our brilliant food pyramid {unlike me} and cooking with melted butter comes naturally to him, since it's what his parents always used. He was so excited and cute.