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My New Oinky Stew

What can I say? I have an obnoxious sense of humour. I forgot to get an image of my stew...

I've been making oinky stew for years; chopped pork, carrots, sauteed sweet onion, potatoes, corn, lots of Montreal Steak seasoning and plenty of Worcestershire sauce. Yesterday I made a whole new version because we're not eating potatoes anymore {we're also supposed to cut down on corn and carrots, but we're doing what we can.} We learned that turnips would be a fair substitute for the potatoes, but when we were at the store... apparently they're very seasonal around here. The chopped conclusion amounted to roughly 2 cups, which was plenty for a small batch of stew. I diced up a few carrots, a sweet onion and half the pork we got during the weekend. I put the seasoning in this mix, with about 2 tablespoons of butter and cooked that in a pan on the stove until the meat was browned. I dumped that mess into the crockpot, added a small amount of water and put the dial on low.

When I added the turnips later, instead of adding more water... I put in, like, a cup of the bone broth we picked up.

This is what we could get at our local grocery store and it's awesome there was an organic brand and it only cost 2$... though of course it was fat free. I used a total amount of, perhaps, 5 tablespoons of butter; which means our stew had plenty of fat and butter and the only thing missing was the right amount of salt. Hysterical laughter. Zeffy always adds salt to his bowl, but this time I did too.

It just occurred to me that I didn't use any corn or Worcestershire sauce, which I'd cut back on while Zeffy was going through a Xanthum Gum experiment {the sauce, not the corn} and honestly, this batch was the very best I've ever made. As a delightful bonus, we weren't hungry 2 hours later like we usually are.