Vinnie Tortorich

Podcast: Fitness Confidential with Vinnie Tortorich

So I listen to podcasts periodically, somewhat randomly... I usually don't enjoy listening to other people's conversations. I've listened to countless hours of Ted Talks and lectures, but when people are talking to each other... there's often much to be desired. I'm a snob. I give this guy's podcast 2 thumbs up.

This guy has been a fitness coach for a long time and apparently has this pet peeve about, when talking to clients on a Friday, hearing them say "I'll start Monday." Personally, we think this is kind of hilarious because that is so like some people. As if they're children signing up for Gen Ed classes at school, "I need the credits, but don't really want to' which causes them to think {I'll wager} "my last weekend of fun before I buckle in for the boring but necessary work required for reaching my goals." 

Oddly enough, it was a Friday when I stumbled upon his documentary {Fat 2} and my brain just lights up with feelings of self-empowerment… but also raw terror. The first thing I did was start writing; I had a lot of information and feelings to process. Saturday we went grocery shopping and spent a bunch of money on things we haven’t bought in years… or ever. No oatmeal or pasta; we bought butter and fish and turkey sausage {that we chose based on a ‘good stuff’ list we found online because this is not a ‘good stuff’ abundant area}. When we got home, I cooked up some eggs and sausage which actually fueled us for hours. Sunday we had a new breakfast routine. Honestly, we’ve been feeling amazing… mostly.

Years ago we actually had a few chickens, which made eating 2 dozen a week a big fat 'whatever' unlike nowadays. We spend almost 10$ on eggs every week because we can't afford to spend more and we don't have any local connections. 

We learned so much about our fooding lifestyle after watching Fat 2: A Documentary, which I stumbled upon somewhat randomly. January is a rough time of year for many people; trees are sleeping, it’s cold and even the earliest flowers aren’t expected for another few months. Seasonal depression is a real and serious struggle for some people… like Zeffy {though gratitude for the fact that his version is mild}. My struggle is more of a restless, anxious battle with indoor heating; I rarely get enough time outside to feel balanced because, you know, weather is winter-time.

This year will be much better than any previous year and my favourite reason for why is the simple fact that I’m setting my intent to improve the way I’ve been living. Zeffy and I both, so he shared as I monologued, have allowed chaos to mostly rule our lives.

The impact of carbohydrates on our bodies and the importance of consuming the right amount of fat; there’s so much to learn, and I’m really excited to experience our healthier selves. I’m also excited to read the books, absorb the documentaries and maybe even trigger some healthy changes for our food desert little town.

Vinnie Tortorich has this next-level fooding lifestyle called NSNG, which means ‘no sugar, no grains’ and honestly… I’m kind of curious to try it, though it’s impossible for me at this time. This makes me feel slightly sad, actually, because I believe our lives on this planet are for learning and growing. The reasons this challenge is impossible for me at this time is a collection of really bland, such as financial limitations and unsupportive local resources. We live on the edge of an old train stop town; this means, generations later, this tiny town relies on fast food and processed sugar for daily food intake. This fact used to trigger feelings of sadness, wondering if these towns seemingly forgotten by modern progress {such as recycling places, though we do have several local landfills and countless storage unit rentals} are simply neglected. This is the land of cow farms and fields of corn or various grains.

These days, I’m starting to feel less sad and more angry. I was told that pasta is a perfectly reasonable lunch, that oatmeal was the best way to start my morning and that most foods were okay as long as they didn’t have too much fat. We also found Fat: A Documentary and also several other documentaries and various lectures. At this point, I’m wondering how important dietary fiber is. What is the truth of what my body actually needs?