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Mystery Mint

So here’s how that went: we’ve got multiple bags of seeds and I started a tray with 4 ‘plots’ of 3 different strains of mint. Peppermint, Spearmint and Lemon mint but only the one group of 4 came up. For many weeks I said ‘its probably the peppermint’ but honestly that was just a feeling. Plants talk to people eventually, according to legend, so maybe we can get some feedback from our little community of ‘plant-e-dudes’ as Zeffy refers to them when he’s high.

This was back in January, or perhaps April {we haven't sorted out our records journal} and my favourite little mystery mint isn't so little anymore. She's been in a 5 inch pot for the past few weeks [says my internal clock] and a few days ago something new happened. This plant has a unique smell, now... and it's lemon. I’m super grateful to have a lemon mint plant, for sure; now that I know lemon grass can grow up to 6 feet tall… that doesn’t seem right. Anyhow they're too tall for my garden by Cassilda.

I’ve been learning to identify plants based on structure because they all smell like generic plants until mature enough to have a unique scent. For the record, tomato plants smell like tomato plants faster than any other plant I know of. 

The one is definitely lemon mint; not sure what the other 3 are. At this point we don't know which strains were viable seeds because I set up the whole seed tray but only the right side 4 did anything. Hence... Mystery Mint