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Pepper Plants and Our Tomatoes

Time schedule is different by almost a month; peppers and toms were group 1 back in… could be January or so which means we had teeny sprouts in the closet while they'd already been put into ‘adult pots.’ I’ve been enjoying the pepper plants and 3 of them have started producing fruit, which we’re madly excited about. Pretty sure they’re all bell peppers. I’ve got a huge stash of seeds from our favourite multi-coloured sweet peppers, but as of yet… they’re waiting in our fridge. Now that there’s more space in the closet, where the little ones go, I’ll likely start a ‘batch’ in the next few days.

Tomato and pepper plants have a lot in common, as far as the level of nutes and ‘sunlight’ they thrive on. I’ve been enjoying the pepper plants a lot more, however, because tomatoes annoy me with their need for so much support and structure. How is a plant capable of breaking or even dying from the weight of it’s own fruit? That makes no sense. Most likely this is because people think of tomato plants as, well, normal plants—like a pepper plant—when actually they’re vines, like a cucumber. Imagine training a cucumber to stand up roughly 36 inches or so and hold it's own fruit without help? I'm learning that perhaps... that's what we're expecting with the tomatoes.

Plant scientists have developed all kinds of ways to support tomato fruit and I’m all for giving a plant what it needs to thrive… but only to a certain extent, it seems, as I pray in the deepest back of my mind that Zeffy will become obsessed with tomatoes and enthusiastically take charge of our plants.