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Bodies are Annoying

For as far back as I can remember, I've had "weird issues" with "the normal sitting" and mostly this applies to inside environments. We've got these lovely chairs that potential disrupt blood-circulation in your legs because the surface your butt is camped out on... is pressing in all the wrong places or with the wrong amount of pressure. Our amazing website goes through phases of being rather under-loved because of this reoccurring element that is:

I find myself unable to camp out with my 'magic typy thing' [typically that's my laptop, with the keyboard plugged in through a USB port; for the longest time, I used a standard desktop and FOR SURE we all/both spent hours and weeks and months of those years gaming... wood dining chairs. I continue to wonder how that happened. Much of it doesn't matter with young bodies, especially when we balance out those body activities--lots of swimming for me, not so much these past... not to be mean, but it's been 5 or 6 years at this point, hasn't it?

These fleshy machines of ours are really amazing, don't get me wrong. Literally, don't. I'm invoking a spell with this action [making a live blog post for Body]  and I'd appreciate it if more of my spells served me tasty more often than they have been.

One of the reasons we're starting a podcast 'meanwhile' is to allow us to do this info-sharing stuff without our bodies being so bound as they are for the typing. Obviously certain movements can be somewhat noisy and there are a variety of clothing we'll keep out of the recording room... but I'd adore stretching my hips and whatever muscle that is that gets so tight because I spend so much time with my body curled in around my glowing screen.  Modern humans, you know? You know.