We've always wanted our own website because these magical shoppes that hold all your favourite sharable stuff are the very best elements of the adult world. Except sex. Especially when it's lucrative... the website, not the sex. 

Imagine a shop, your shop—or maybe it’s your craft room or ‘quiet space’ or Zen place, happy cave or special fort; the details of this place, what it’s for, is entirely up to you. Even though this place has shelves to hold whatever items you’ve got, even though this place has endless wall-space on which to display your artwork; none of it is made of stone or wood or plastic. These shelves are made from an extremely unique material that can be confusing to explain, define, or truly understand in many cases. Invoking power we’ve gained after inventing video/computer-games, some of us can easily imagine a place that is not a place.

Now imagine your little shop {or whatever} as a house in a residential area; these neighbors of yours also have a ‘website’ that is their little shop or perhaps it’s simply a personal art gallery in which they display their work for the world+ to peruse. Some ‘websites’ are single-family homes, whereas other ‘websites’ offer personal space to multiple people/groups. The technological phenomenon that is Myspace broke ground and gave us power to create vast communities a person could reach from almost anywhere on the planet.

The intention we discussed for our site is simple: what if people like us had a place they could go to connect with other people like us? {Insert cute cartoon of character laughing} Who are people like us? Creative, of course, but also inspiring… those who embrace their healing path… those who realize that life is a personal experience and we’re all here for different reasons… those who realize planet Earth is so much more than a mysterious rock floating in space, that she is sentient and amazing and deserving of our very best efforts to end the generations of careless abuse she’s been enduring.

We have great plans for this website, and we're excited {and terrified, lolz social anxiety} to discover what friends we'll connect with on this journey. We're both Empaths, if that resonates with you... and if it doesn't, we're very sensitive to various energies flowing around the planet. So much life is happening all around us constantly, especially during this epic transformation... a great upheaval, shedding of old norms and standards. People like us are all over the world, listening to voices of wild and natural life.

Earthlings are on the precipice of a great change which we believe will be a shift of consciousness; rather than, say, another world war. Yu and Ai argue on that one, as she believes there will be an explosion of dimensions all layered on top of each other. We all know how it feels {anyone who matters to this movement} it’s in every modern video/computer game. What will live in the dimension you choose, that which you ‘resonate’ or ‘vibrate’ with?

There are those able to feel it... sense it... and there are those who cannot. We strive to be our best in most situations, and are always interested in long debates about reincarnation, philosophy, quantum science, dimensions, and a world of other things most people probably know little to nothing about. 

Please forgive our construction phase. Peruse what we've got and enjoy your exploration. If you have questions or comments, please send us an email.

Also please take a look at our Privacy Policy page so you know what data we collect, and how we use it. In the meantime... kisses from management. Also... Please, Please, Please forgive the font difference; Zeffy here is our tech master and he's been busy with other things.