I consider myself a 'late in life diagnosis' because I wasn't formally diagnosed until in my early 30s.  I've always felt weird and overwhelmed by things that don't seem to bother most of the people around me. Odd little quirks that caused me to feel isolated as a child, I have since learned are quite common. Some of this insight doesn't do me much good now, but I believe in sharing my experiences with others. I also believe in the Community of Neuro-spicy and I'm itching to join more than a few conversations.

I've come to the conclusion that many of 'us weirdo types' are taught that we are few and far between. During these long 7 years [now= July 2023] I've realized that most humanoids on this planet are weirdos or freaks or wtf your non-normie tag is, for at least a few reasons.

You'll notice a great many posts were all created within a few months and this was during my first research surge. I learned a lot and my writing was keeping pace well, which isn't always the case. Aspiring to provide a variety of topics as I better understand myself and share my insights... or simply express my frustrations.

Much love, thanks for visiting.