To some, the body is a sacred temple; to others, a playground-these meat machines, vessels of curiosity, these fleshy avatars of ours are amazing and complex vehicles through which we experience and navigate reality.

Hormones, nerves, blood, bone, muscle, organs, tissue; are we more than the sum of our parts? Countless theories point to yes, as more and more we are discovering how our minds and perspective are impacted by unhealthy or under-managed bodies.

One of my very favorite books is constantly sharing insight about the connection between our physical bodies and the perspective of our minds... The 5 Levels of Attachment by Don Miguel Ruiz Jr. [of course he's got a website, also his father wrote books too apparently] because he shares wisdom from his Toltec perspective.

For example, he talks about the Authentic Self which I interpret as being our baseline or core identity... which can become disrupted by our various attachments {these are the things we identify with as our preferences can so often mold our identity}. So much of our physical body is impacted by the way we perceive our own existence which might feel constantly impacted by the perceptions of people around us.

A solid way to illustrate this point is with: I don't suffer from [insert disability tag or flavor of weird] I suffer from normies as anyone who has ever been part of or witnessed 'depression is all in your head, just snap yourself out of it' or 'you don't have ADHD, you just have to apply yourself more' or... this is potentially a very long list.

Our bodies are amazing though sometimes we can feel trapped inside them when we have issues with common elements--for example, Zeffy developed a sensitivity to peanuts and we quickly learned that peanut oil is a very common ingredient.

Sometimes I wonder if food is our body's greatest enemy, which is scary to think about considering it's supposed to be our primary source of fuel. To survive, we take numerous vitamin supplements and honestly that's a tiny part of this category.

Body Blog

Introducing our Body Blog because as proud of our articles as we are, they take a lot of time and energy to put together-which means information sharing can be slow.

Therefore, we'd like to create the option for readers to explore our spontaneous 'data dropping' in a way... though by 'data', I'm referring to personal experiences with relevant life elements.

Day 5 of our fooding lifestyle change, my first month of being a nonsmoker, our annoyingly typical struggle with embracing a satisfying exercise routine, among other body-related things.

Such as the question of supplements, because we have to restock every few months and Zeffy is periodically re-analyzing if we need this one or that one.

Curcumin or not Curcumin? That's the current question. Are we suffering because we ran out several months back, or are our body aches unrelated?