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Zeffy and I believe in old fashioned journalism; you know, that stuff where people would gather information and share it as is, rather than interpret things for you? Having said that, it's hard work gathering information and providing links.  Our articles are a great source of pride but publishing them takes a lot of time because of our schedule. Therefore... hooray for our entire page of blog categories where we claim the right to 'raw dog' certain info sharing because of all the reasons why these topics we've chosen are of interest to us personally.

Such as; 13 January 2023 we finally learned what Keto means and decided to drastically change our fooding lifestyle. [You might understand this as 'changing our diet' but I refuse to use that word for all the connotations it's picked up over the years thanks to 'fad diets' and so on.] We're almost through July now and I have mixed feelings; though mostly it's a blend of "wow it's lovely to not consistently be hungry an hour after eating" and various surges of anxiety because so much food is, apparently, kind of worthless. Or even worse, there's a lot of 'food' out there that's straight up toxic. No more pasta for me, it seems.