Bonus Reality

What is bonus reality? Teta coined this term to give a category name to that big part of life which can rarely be proven, only experienced. Our various perceptions of life invite content and experiences into our lives. What we believe in is constantly filling up our lives; whether that is positive, negative, neutral or chaotic. Belief is the platform on which most of our life is built on; it can give us power for prayer, spells, or rituals but it can also trap us in our own decaying bodies. What do you believe in?

Many people do magical things in their life without even realizing it, such as waking up a little off balance; stubbing your toe shortly after getting out of bed and thinking "well this is going to be a terrible day." Oddly enough, after that, you drop your toothbrush in the litterbox, and then realize you don't have any clean socks and then think of the perfect leftover food to chow down on but it's got mold growing on it... A song I'd like to track down {Sigrid and Bring Me The Horizon} came up on my Pandora channel today... "it's just a bad day, not a bad life" is one of the lines.

What you think is constantly becoming part of your reality very simply because the subconscious mind will provide you with whatever you focus on. We could easily prattle on about the technical details of how this works, but I choose to share an old argument of ours because sometimes I win. Psychobabblers theorized that the subconscious doesn't understand negatives--contraction words like doesn't or don't. These are the great thinkers of our time and they're supposed to be right more often than not. I suggested that many degree-waving intellects who study our minds intentionally explain discoveries in a way that creates a battleground for confusion or argument. Honestly, if we all understood how our minds work... what use would we have for psychobabblers? Therefore yes, I believe they 'explain' in complex form for job security.

The famous example is: so and so is on his way home from wherever, gets a message from home 'we need milk' and proceeds to think 'don't forget milk' for the next several minutes. Eventually he gets home... and guess what? He totally forgot to pick up milk. Psychobabblers had everyone convinced that the reason for this is that the guy's subconscious couldn't process don't, because it's a negative and therefore heard "do forget milk." This of course launched a years-long argument exploring why our subconscious is unable to process contractions. I missed out on the grand stages for this debate, or it would have been over quickly. Look at the sentence: don't forget milk and think back to what we learned in elementary school about nouns and adverbs.

Communication between conscious and subconscious is only complex because so many of us have agreed upon this. "Don't forget milk" says the conscious mind think it's focusing on not-forgetting as if that's an action unto itself. It's not. Milk is the noun in this sentence and forget is the adverb--that's the takeaway for our subconscious and that's why so and so always forgets his milk. He's not thinking about milk, he's thinking about forgetting. In other words; he's not focused on what he wants, he's focused on what he doesn't want.

Agreed, focusing on what you want is challenging when I could easily list several things in my life... right now... that I'd adore going without. Life isn't all sunshine and roses, however, and these times especially aren't exactly invigorating for most of us. We still have to try, unless we choose death, and we also need to believe in what we think.

Deities, beings from other planets, past lives and dead loved ones all have their various messages when we can open our minds to hear their whispers. That's our theory, anyway, and we'll do our best to share what we discover. Astral projection, dream travel and spirit quests are also part of bonus reality as are creating miracles, meditation, energy healing, communicating through thought & feeling gratitude.

We have a passion for a variety of topics that fit into this category; cosmic experiences and dream travel is all we can do at this time. Magical tools is a section we'll be adding when we can, which includes wands, crystals, dolls, types of wood and so much more. Magical systems will explore different perspectives from ancient pagan to modern witchcraft as well as astrology & numerology & everything in between. Spells & rituals is a subcategory we're excited to bring back once we're able to. We've got a great passion from living with undiagnosed ADHD for most of {Teta's} life and perhaps we can share from our spell books. When a plan works as intended, it's a successful spell and any healthy habit is considered a ritual.


Dream Travel: Everyone dreams according to studies, though many people forget most of what they experienced during the dream state. But what are dreams and where do they come from? Messages from elsewhere, memories of past lives or perhaps simply too much television? Some people, dreams can be recalled like old memories or favorite movies. Some even have the ability to control their dreams, which is called Lucid Dreaming. Some people barely remember anything when they wake up, while others could write books from all the information they got during their dream adventures.

This section will be added in early 2024. Please check back!

Cosmic Experiences: Here we will discuss things such as space travel, aliens, black holes, worm holes, ghosts, time travel, dimensions, gods, demons, and everything in between! Where does life come from and why are we here? So curious!


This section will be added in early 2024.  Please check back!

This is our personal  Magical Journey that we'd like to share with those interested. We've experienced a lot over the years, and this site has been coming together for a long time. We are what is sometimes referred to as a matched pair , otherwise known as soulmates, and we've incarnated together hundreds of times. Sometimes as partners, other times as friends, and even a few times we were enemies in Celestial battles in some distant galaxy. What can we say? We like to share our life experience with each other.

We'll also share websites, notes and various tidbits of information that has to do with Magic. It's important to note that Magic, to us, is essentially a way to work with existing energies on this planet and elsewhere. Everything vibrates, everything emits a unique frequency; if you can tune into that specific frequency, all sorts of 'magical' things will occur. We believe everything is made of the same thing; from the stars, to the trees, to the buildings you enter, to your favorite pair of socks.

We are all particles of energy, bits of life, arranged in various orders to form a specific physical whatever on this plane of existence. We can manifest our own reality, you need only believe; and focus our minds on our intent. Once we do that, whatever we are seeking will begin working it's way into our life. The stronger your belief, the faster it materializes. That's our theory of reality.

If you'd like to share, please reach out!! We would love for others to share their life journeys. Healing hugs and protection spells, Zeffy and Teta