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Teta and Zeffy have been studying various levels of health for a collective of... well gosh, is that 50 years at this point? A long time ago someone said 'everything we need to be healthy is provided graciously by Mother Earth.' There are dozens of herbs and natural supplements which will do amazing things for your brain health. Oddly enough, according to research thus far--there are a variety of foods that also have a strong impact on our brains, though not always in a good way.

Zeffy does most of the research, Teta is the 'pet writer' who aspires to document all the information we've gathered these many many years. We have a lot of awesome ambitions for this site and until a certain thing happens... Teta is doing a lot of this 'Structure Fleshing Wordy Bits' writing. Imma write so many articles for our proper categories... soon. In the meanwhile, organizing content and putting some metaphorical meat on these bones.

Thank you for visiting and forgive our construction phase; as always, kisses from management