We are not doctors, have no qualifying education and do not offer advice. We've learned from personal experimentation and research, is all.

Having said that... what comes to mind when we hear the words 'cognitive health'? For a long time I can easily imagine most people had no idea what 'cognitive' actually was. Cognition is like the essence of our thinking brain as we gather and process information and knowledge. I personally struggle with this because of my anxiety and ADHD which impacts my ability to absorb and/or store information. There is a vast variety of ways to improve or assist our cognition even though cognitive health has long been a touchy topic with people on the one side throwing pills at everyone and people on the other side, well, being pelted with pills and rarely getting a word in edgewise.

There's a theory that explores the likelihood that most of our cognitive problems now are a result of various things our ancestors were part of generations ago such as a study exploring the possibility that people smoking cigarettes in the 1930s-1960s gave us so many children with ADHD in the 1970s-1990s. Some scientists did a study by giving rats nicotine and observing the following generations. Or maybe I'm thinking of a bad horror movie. In any event, we've learned a lot about vitamins [as in supplements] and easily spend 100$ a month to keep our vits stash full up.

In addition to supplements that improve memory and whatnot, there are also a variety of amazing 'brain powders' called Nootropics that are made from amino acids. We're feeling the fact that we ran out a few weeks back. [Update; we were able to restock finally, posts arriving eventually.] It sure would be nice to have a ridiculous amount of money like some people, so we could buy all the stuff that would make us the healthiest versions of ourselves...

Forgive our construction phase and please be patient as we put our site together.

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