Many people have come up with many different ways to describe or talk about humanoid consciousness; you're very welcome to challenge what we collect and share here. According to Webster's Dictionary, this word generally describes self-awareness. Included in Webster's tidbits is the offering that the awareness of 'upper level' consciousness contrasts with the deeper state of unconscious.

The root word is all the same, regardless of prefix or secondary letters. Our consciousness, sub and/or un included, are the guidance chips for our magnificent meat machines, that we may experience physical reality. When we can effectively communicate between our various levels of awareness, we can truly achieve anything. Philosophy is likely the essence of the difference between mind and brain which can feel embodied by that famous Descartes quote "I think therefore I am" for the simple fact that humanoids are complex life forms and we are so much more than the sum of our parts.

Questions of the soul are often included in explorations of consciousness though we still understand very little about the workings of the mind. Rumour has it, a long time ago some people thought our souls lived in our brains. I feel like this makes sense... especially when you think about zombies, because they aren't [usually] truly neutralized until their brain is destroyed. All that's left of this imaginative being is it's power to move and feed... surely our species has been fascinated with these beings because of all those unanswerable questions. I'm so relieved the era of zombies is passed and we've begun the era of magical freaks; though, do we like that word? Humanoids.

This train of thought leads us to collective conscious which is ridiculously fascinating concept to explore. Its natural for people to be powerfully connected to the stories of their tribe/clan/family/etc but since the birth of Hollywood and the generally... er... unique? priorities of the great people of USLand, that powerful connection to the stories of 'our people' can be toxic and spiritually fatal. Therefore, [sound of relief] to arrival of shows like Wednesday and The Sandman because conversations have already begun to change and powerfully useful things are being said. Perhaps our species won't go extinct in the next decade. We'll see.

Pop quiz: how do you spot the difference between 20+ people genuinely being excited about the same thing at the same time... and a big bunch of people manipulated to do so?  

Please forgive  our construction phase, it will be worth the wait. Kisses from management