Dream Travel

I heard about this sleep study done many years ago because a few weird scientists were curious about the impacts of dreaming. They got a few volunteers and... woke them up whenever they began to dream. Conclusions for the study were tainted by the question of "wouldn't anyone feel groggy and such if you woke them up several times?" Their hypothesis was that dreaming is essential for a healthy brain and feeling rested. That's what I remember, anyhow. Do you dream enough?

Where do dreams come from? Are they nothing more than our minds replaying content or processing data? Is there wisdom in dreams or merely mind movies? Many people have studied dreams and there are likely dozens of dream interpretation books available. I haven't been able to attend [dream school; find website and offer link] for personal reasons. 

Mostly this category developed from our fascination for my extremely active dream travels. Riding dragons, battling zombies, using magic, rescuing people from enslavement or captivity or a weird house that could be representing some kind of void. I'll likely always remember that house for 2 reasons; the 1 is the very distinct memory of going back inside to help the others and the second reason is reoccurring dreams are always meaningful. Especially when you revisit a specific place; I've got a few of those and it's fascinating when I return to a place and time has passed. I've also talked to ghosts, attended parties with celebrities and... I'd be a liar to suggest I don't have pages of sex dreams. I'll share those in Puppet Writes so to limit the mature content here; if I can find them, I have been writing much longer than we have had a website on which to share. {Not my best sentence ever, hour of writing is almost up.}

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