What is energy? Is it various sugars and vitamins that fuel us during that 17 hour work shift at the hospital? Perhaps it’s more than that—numerous theories, scientific and otherwise, explore various possibilities that energy is life itself. What if our bodies are made up of pure energy?

Some people are more sensitive to the presence and impact of energy than others; think of it like solar power or battery cells. Regardless of whether or not you can see or feel something, it’s still doing it’s thing. When Einstein talked about vibration, he indicated that energy is a thing that is constantly moving.

Psychic or energy vampires are a curiosity explored by certain communities of thought, mostly esoteric/occult and introverts or the hyper-sensitive. Have you ever gotten a sudden headache or felt abruptly worn out, shortly after engaging a person? Theories abound on the topic of people who take energy from others, though it’s a difficult curiosity to properly study.

An easy way to understand the invisible power of energy is to comprehend the ‘spoon analogy’ which was developed as a way for someone to explain their illness to a friend. You have 7 spoons, it’s time to get out of bed to start your day—because your body doesn’t have a natural abundance of energy, common actions cost more. Want to shower? That costs a spoon. Think you’ll be spending the day at your job? You’ll have no spoons for drinks with friends, no spoons for a fun night with your partner, and no spoons for cleaning the house or playing with the children.

For many people, internal energy is taken for granted unless you have a limited supply; much of life, especially the most basic elements, is best explored through the perspectives of those who struggle. Common human focus is applied only when it’s needed and if you smoothly skate through life, how much do you truly think about nuances such as the height of a toilet or the ingredients in popular food?

Energy is a naturally occurring element, like lightning; feel free to believe that lightning doesn’t exist all you want but accept that the real challenge is to believe it doesn’t exist when your worlds are overlapping. Did you see what just happened to that thing 100 feet from where you stand? Maybe it can’t hurt you, if you refuse to believe in it’s power, or maybe lightning has been fed by belief since the beginning of time and your lack of belief is irrelevant.

The power of ‘mass belief’ is a source of energy unto itself and is constantly impacting our personal energy as we are battered and worn from being a ‘square peg in a round hole’ or what have you. On the other side of this energy, you may feel empowered like nothing else and this is ‘strength in numbers’ because when we all believe in the same thing, we are feeding each other while being fed ourselves.