Indoor Growing

Welcome to Indoor Growing! This most recent winter we finally found the spark we needed to get some seeds going; cantaloupe, broccoli, peppers, tomatoes, watermelon and a few mystery mints. We even picked up some strawberry roots and a blueberry we'll transplant outside when the time is right. We learned about air pots many years ago and obtained a great bunch. Our favourite grow medium is coco-coir because it's eco friendly and fun--especially now that we've learned about the importance of Calcium and Magnesium. We mix the coco-coir with perlite and clay pellets; this mix goes into air pots for 'forever plants' {like the tomatoes and peppers, because air pruning technology is amazing} or 9 inch plastic for transplants.

Our experience with lights has been fascinating, to broad-stroke that learning adventure; we bought high pressure sodium and other such monster rigs. These old lights, saluted in their day, are mostly obsolete now that new LED technology can offer more light using less power and creating almost no heat. We started little ones in the closet under a strip light filled with 4 LED bulbs--they sure grew fast and as the months have flown by, we since picked up a pair of fancy new adult lights [full spectrum] which has everyone perky and thriving. 

We now have over 10 different vegetables and fruits all doing very well indoors. Some of these will get transplanted outdoors, but many will remain inside as we learn how to nurture plants enough to harvest. If all goes well, in a few more months we'll both be able to proudly say 'yes, we do in fact grow some of our own food' which would be amazing.

Join us on our adventure as we learn to grow vegetables and fruits well enough to have a proud harvest. This is our Inside Garden, thanks for popping in