Magical Journey

Hallo! Welcome to our personal record of Teta and Zeffy become their most best selves. We began our journey years ago, so perhaps you'll read posts dated from a while back; we'll never suggest that focusing on intent and shedding doubts is an easy ambition.

Yes it's been a long time and even though it makes me slightly depressed to think about how we don't have a fan group full of "baby bird-taurs hungry to devour [our] content" I'm somewhat relieved to know my time of scattered hasn't devastated our readers. Having said all that, we have decided that this year will be amazing and of course that includes lots of new friends and readers and maybe even a few contributors. What have we been up to during these many months, no one is asking? For starters, the online community we joined only lasted about a week as the teachers or inner circle quickly reminded us of the South Park characters who bought hybrids in season 10, episode 2. They weren't near as funny in real life.

So perhaps we can establish our own community, which is what the wife has been saying for years, "if you can't join a group, make your own because life isn't a one person game."

Please forgive our construction phase and enjoy poking around. Kisses from management