The Mind

Study of the mind has always been a fascinating topic of exploration, we’ve come a long way since blaming demonic possession for unusual behavior. More than ever, we understand the difference between ‘mind’ and ‘brain’ although there is still much to learn.

Our minds are starving for sustenance; what happened to our progress as a species? With the turn of the last century, we have made powerful strides forward as a collection of global cultures, but what have we truly been accomplishing?

In this age of over-stimulation and pushing ourselves to breaking points, many of our minds are convinced that—more than anything—we crave some kind of oblivion. Distractions are all around us, advertisements telling us what to buy and addictions have become a defining characteristic of our species. 

Peace is often something elusive, like financial abundance, for the vast majority of the humans on this planet. That which is dismissed or denigrated as unimportant or ‘not a big deal’ are the things we take for granted as ‘part of life’ when they really need not be.

A focused and clear mind is the foundation for the most productive life, but that is a challenge many people struggle with. With focus, comes power, and that is dangerous in the wrong hands—so we are taught to believe.

Whose hands are truly wrong, to have such power to change the course of our lives? We’ve taught our minds that what we seek, more than anything else, is some kind of oblivion. Numbing our brains with drugs, constantly escaping our own lives in favour of video games or sex—our minds are devastated by our actions, so when does it stop?

The answer is as challenging as it is obvious; it stops when we make it stop. Perhaps there's a spinning ride we need to step off, a toxic habit we need to let go of or a commitment we need to fulfill with honesty and love. Our minds have intense power to impact and direct our lives, by whatever philosophy you prescribe to; now is the time to take those steps and become our very best possible selves. It's time to befriend our minds. Please forgive our construction phase, and enjoy poking around. kisses from management


Consciousness:  join our exploration of self-awareness with the widest view {we're curious types}; especially when we include chats with our higher. Otherwise known as the subconscious, in many circles. We also explore deeper conscious levels because brains are super complicated. 

We are so much more than bodies molded from magical clay by a single deity, or maybe we aren't: what evidence exists to support either theory?  Some schools of thought suggest we might just be physical manifestations of spiritual curiosity. "Some of us are spirits seeking a physical experience, others are seeking transcendence--a return to spirit." A common, though slightly paraphrased, concept in communities where people explore various realities in which we might use these bodies to learn.

This category explores the higher function of our minds, as more than brains but imagination and limitless potential and manifestation through focus and belief. Be careful what you wish for, right? You might get it. Love thyself and focus on your healing path, That's what Teta always says.


Cognitive Health: The brain is a powerful organic computer with vast amounts of information flowing in and out from birth until death.

Feeding our brain is rarely easy because we are constantly being bombarded with junk and side-effects. Toxins in our food, toxins in the air and damage we inherited because of the toxins our ancestors absorbed all impact our brain.

Some of this harm is low-impact, but some of it gave us mental disorders and disabilities... or otherwise twisted our earliest development so that now terms like 'self-care', or 'stand in your power' are constant reminders that no one is like everyone else... and "normal" is basically nothing more then an illusion.

There are countless pills, and toxic serums on the market but we prefer to explore herbs, and natural supplements. Nootropics are an amazing, natural substance {derived from amino acids} you wish you knew everything about. We've taken them for well over 15 years to help strengthen brain neurotransmitters, synapses, and even create new brain cells.