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These posts are not for the squeamish, they are personal journals of our travels through life. Many posts will include content that may not be appropriate for those under 18: therefore, by entering, you are stating you are at least 18 years of age. This protects us from minor trouble [lolz, get it?] but also... what is our adult content? We've been trimming down and fleshing out our website for the past few years or so which means we are, in the background, preparing our platform for a few categories to be added during the next several months or so. For now, most of our "adult content" will come in the form of: discreetly talking about my/our sexual health in ADHD & Me because I'm a grown-up. Also with the swearing, for which I have no apologies.

All opinions and critical thoughts here belong to the two of us. Having said all that; enjoy poking around! Blessings of pleasure and success on your own healing paths.

Kisses from management

TetaScreams:  Completely random ranting pieces, all opinions are my own. For a long time I've said 'writing is the voice of my soul' and as a forewarning... sometimes my soul is screaming, angry and terrified, at random injustices I may or may not feel personally. Other times, I loathe popular movies and most of my favourite shows... On various occasions the screaming isn't triggered by a surge of stressful feelings, I'm simply feeling loud. This happens periodically. Of course there's a pattern... no I haven't figured out what it is yet... Zeffy might have a few theories. When in doubt, I often theorize surges of activity are connected to moon cycles. Mysteries are what make life worth living? 

ADHD & Me:  As a late-in-life diagnosis, I have a lot to share as I learn about my limitations and superpowers. Posts are as likely to be informal ranting as they are 'proper articles' with links to resources... or people I found. Reader beware, according to popular opinion I'm "very intelligent" and quest to further open communication between doctors and patients/clients. Thank you so much for all your hard work, doctors and scientists; what say we improve the dialog between us so 'we of the patient/client variety' feel more heard? Now that I've got my own website, let's get this ride going!

Brain Blog: Welcome to our blog on... well... brains! Teta had this great idea to make blogs for each serious category and Zeffy, like always, is totally on board unless it gets messy. Sometimes we have time or energy to gather links, do hours of research, and sit in front of a computer to type/edit/ type up Proper Articles. On other occasions there's only enough time and/or energy to make a quick rant about a new thing we learned/realized under the topic of mental health or consciousness. Also... we forget things, like most people, so a quick prattle posted here reminds us... did we ever finish that article on B vitamins?

Body Blog: Here's where we'll share our personal data on various things we use/do to help our bodies stay strong and resilient. That is a result of a large amount of supplements, vitamins, and other nature sources. We also no longer follow the food pyramid since we learned ..maybe it's not actually healthy and perhaps a high carb/low fat diet makes people sluggish, and experience brain fog. After switching to a high fat, low carb diet back in January of 2023, we've enjoyed a tremendous boost in energy. This has been contributing to a more positive frame of mind, less grogginess and a clear mind so that more things are getting accomplished.

Our Earth: This is our small piece of Earth. We have 7 acres of land covered in trees, bushes, plants, clover, and a myriad of other vines, brush and flowers. Our neighbors include many forms of critters from various families of Skinks... to baby bunnies munching clover to Owls landing on our front porch. We love feeding the locals, including hummingbirds which now amount to almost 20 last year. Join us as we shape our land into our ultimate goal of... Wildlife Sanctuary!