Welcome to Our Blogs page, recreated from snippets of memory because the original page was eaten by the internets. These posts are not for the squeamish.

ADHD & Me is free information because Teta aspires to join that conversation. We are both intelligent, insightful and frustrated imaginative beasts of this realm.

Zeffy and Teta have been observing life from a unique perspective for [their] entire lives. We've been discussing our website since shortly after they were 'invented' and have been craving a platform on which to share our many interests or questions or observations.

Do you remember that? Life before websites? "What do you mean you've created a soapbox and mega phone everyone and no one can actually use?" Bam. Internets. Thank you and You're welcome.

Anyhow, these opinions are all our own so having said all that, enjoy poking around and blessings of pleasure on your own healing paths. Kisses from management

PuppetWrites:  There's an inside joke here that I'll probably never share because it's really personal and might not be funny to anyone else but me. Regardless, these posts are my various study projects, requested articles or stories...erotic and otherwise. I started a few erotic novels that I may include snippets of periodically, but they're moving slowly so we'll have to see. Mature Content

TetaScreams:  Completely random ranting pieces, all opinions are my own. For a long time I've said 'writing is the voice of my soul' and as a forewarning, sometimes my soul is screaming angry and terrified. Other times, I hate popular movies...

Zeffy Rants:  These are rants from my hubster Zeffy. They are his personal opinion, and can be about anything... even if I periodically pester him so much he rants about me. Do it, I dare you, I can write way faster than you could even dream of!

ADHD & Me:  As a late-in-life diagnosis, I have a lot to share as I learn about my limitations and superpowers. Reader beware, according to popular opinion I'm "very intelligent" and quest to further open communication between Drs, lolz

Brain Blogging: Welcome to our blog on well... brains. 

Body Blog: Here's we're we will put all our personal data on various things we use to help our bodies to stay strong, and resilient.

Our Earth:This is our small piece of Earth. We have 7 acres of land covered in trees, bushes, plants, clover, and a myriad of other vines, brush and flowers. We have all forms of critters from various families of Skinks... to baby bunnies munching clover to Owls landing on our front porch. We love feeding the locals including hummingbirds which now amount ot almost 20 last year. Join us as we reshape our land to help with erosion and to help protect the wildlife and insects.