Cosmic Experiences

Are aliens and ghosts and things that go bump in the night, real? How do we know what's 'real' when everything around us is interpreted by our brain as electrical signals? 

Does the world as we know it have so many layers of reality {dimensions} that some people cannot imagine? Are space and time travelers living among us? Are we on the edge of an apocalypse? What prophecies are manifesting now? What's going on with Mumma Earth and can we talk to her? So we survived the Mayan Apocalypses and were all here to pay our taxes in 2013... nine years later it seems like there's got to be something amazing going on simply because I refuse to believe the nameless god of my father is running the show. More oil spills, high level government sketchiness, our very own global pandemic, Ruth Bader Ginsburg dying despite the protection spells of countless healing witches and of course the challenge to Roe v Wade. Periodically it seems my mind is slipping out beyond my body, seeing this world we've created together with all it's life-altering issues... as such a tiny part of everything that is. Our one little planet in the endless ocean of outer space... how unimportant are these struggles of ours? Not to mention... is this it?

Are we on our own against the worse-than-ever surge of white supremacy and elitist conquest? I don't expect to be rescued or saved by some all-powerful space aliens, never did, but I did rather think that by this point in our struggle to document the goings on of this era... I'd have some alien tech or magic spells so we wouldn't have to spend so much time cleaning and preparing food.

Or perhaps... okay, so in this story I came up with many years ago that took place far into the future. People had these wrist-watch-looking things that gave them the power to teleport, though honestly I never did sort out some of the science. You would dial in longitude and latitude coordinates... and then arrive at wherever that was. I may have been working with 'space is an illusion' or one of those theories. Who knows?

More to come soon.